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sun-risingRemember when you wanted something and you didn’t stop until you had it? You went straight for it didn’t you? The new car, house, job – you made it look easy because you were so clear about your intention to have it. So why don’t we make our other best intentions so easy?

I watched Al Gore’s inspired Ted Talk on climate change. There is no doubt about his intentions. He makes us complete believers in the worthiness of the cause and gave us hope that change is possible. We can step up; we will make it happen.…/al_gore_the_case_for_optimism_on_clima…

The last class of my “Spread Your Wings, Give Your Dreams Flight” course was last week. We ended on a high note by declaring our intentions to create change and step up in our life. The dreams became bigger, more emotionally charged and essential to our wellbeing by the end of the course.

What compelling components do Al Gores’ intentions and those in my class have in common?

There are the 4 powerful ways you can supercharge your intentions with new life:

Don’t you find when you have a clear image of what you are seeking in your mind, it comes to you more easily? When you want a white, all-wheel drive, 2 door coup, you don’t waste your time looking at the thousand other options. It’s the same with your less tangible intentions.

Life changes come more easily when you imagine it, see yourself in it and watch it in action. The big or small life changes, like being happy, finding true love, stepping into your greatness, or launching a new business become powerful when you literally see yourself in the middle of it. A Gore gave us images of what is wrong and images of the solution at work. It was clear and compelling. In our class we created vision boards with these images. They work.

Create a powerful visual image of your new intention and keep it in front of you.


It’s equally important to feel your new intention along with seeing it. There is an energetic difference between where you are now and where you want to go. It takes some practice to imagine your new situation and feel it’s energy, but we are all capable of doing this. Just as Gore did in his talk, inspire yourself with the imagination of it happening exactly as you want. You literally imagine it and step in.

Practice like this: Close your eyes and imagine your new situation. Now feel the emotional shift of joy, excitement, satisfaction, or gratitude you’ll have when it’s present. Stay with it until you literally feel the energy rising like Champagne bubbles throughout your body. These new emotions are an energetic magnet that will draw your dreams to you more quickly. Try it!

Feeling the positive emotion of your new situation will help bring it in – this is the Law of Attraction’s ‘Like attracting like” at work.


Once you have the image and feelings in place, it’s time to fuel it with your thoughts. This is when you start saying to yourself and everyone around you what you intend to bring in. You amp it up by thinking and saying “I am starting a new business”. It’s part of the preparation. You feed it regularly with present tense thoughts that say “I am….”. You do your homework, as Al Gore did, with the facts, the clear mental details of why and how you will get to where you are going.

Where do we often fall short? If there is a part of you that questions, doubts or says it can’t happen, you have negated the power of your intent. You can’t say yes and no at the same time and expect anything to happen. You will stay stuck.

Create a mental yes set of “I am” and banish negative thoughts or beliefs from your mind.


What is a leap of faith you can take right now that shows you fully expect it to happen any day? When I wanted to adopt a baby after years of trying and getting nowhere, I bought a bigger house to raise my child in. He was born 3 months later and came to me miraculously. I was already living as if it was going to happen.

What can you do that says you believe it will come soon? It combines the other 3 powerful things into one action. You see it, feel it, think it and now you act on it. Getting your images, feelings and thoughts in alignment along with that “step into the present” makes it more powerful.

Al Gore had us imagining a new world in which the energy crisis is resolved. It was compelling. It was energizing. It created optimism. This is what you can do too.

In my Spread Your Wings class, the image boards went beyond the simple idea of intention. They showed how the dream extended into their lifestyle. The impact of the change was conveyed in images and words that conveyed the joy, love, success, and satisfaction. It was powerful. By the end, people were feeling the elation as if it had happened.

What dream would you love to bring to life? Imagine it, feel it, think about it and act on it in the present. You are more than half way there when you do these things.

If you’d like to jump start your change with Transformational Life Coaching, I’d love to help you. You can make it happen! You’ll find more details at my website or contact me at . Take the leap of faith and act on your dreams today!

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com