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I’m aware of what brings me joy and do it so frequently that my sense of abundance is overflowing. In fact, I pinch myself at all I have manifested and the cascading joy I experience regularly. I want everyone to have this life experience!

The focus and perspective that makes this possible seems easy and obvious to me. Yet, I encounter many confused, unhappy people who don’t understand the underlying concepts of creating a joyous life. So, let me explain how the Laws of the Universe can simplify and ensure your life is abundant and joyful!

The first three Laws of the Universe lay the foundation that help us master the creation of a joyous life of abundance. Let me review them for you.

#1 LAW OF MENTALISM – Focus On What You Love

In a nutshell, what you think and where you put your attention is what you bring into your life. All creation starts with an idea. If your thoughts and attention are clear and focused on something you love, it’s easy to bring it into being. When you are confused, indecisive, flitting from one thing to another, positive one day and self-defeating the next, the lack of focus makes it difficult to bring joy into being.

The list of what I love is long and includes everything I am doing in my personal and professional life. The congruency between helping people make their lives better and having over 30 years training and experience in doing just that is no accident. Nor is it a fluke that I love music, am married to a musician, love to entertain and do it all the time. Now our non-profit includes all these things!  It’s stunning and humbling to see how it all works together.

When you follow your natural instincts, recognize what brings you joy and allow that knowledge to inform your personal and professional choices, it’s hard to go wrong. If you align your thoughts/actions with what you love, you are likely utilizing your gifts. And from there do not undercut yourself with negative thoughts.

# 2 LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – You Are Connected To Everything-Everything Is Connected To You

This principle helps us understand that we are not alone, that we are interconnected to something greater than us, call it Spirit, Source Or God, and to everyone and everything in the physical world. This means that we matter, and our every move creates ripples that effects everything around us, just as they  affect us. This is a big concept that helps us realize we are important.

The Law of Correspondence helped me recognize that my choices and actions on the outside had to be congruent with what I believe on a soul level.  It prompted profound transformation that’s brought me the life of joy I have now. I am no longer involved with people, places or things that don’t represent what I know to be my truth and greater good. Through this change, I’ve realized that we all have a higher purpose and recognizing our interconnectedness helps us meet that purpose.

When people wake up to their truth, it’s often because they realize they can’t maintain a life of lies. The suffering it creates in your mind, body and spirit are simply too great. Focus on what you love, bring joy into your life and know that ultimately it will lead you to serve your greater purpose. When you begin to notice the impact you have on everything around you, you treat yourself, others and your environment with more respect.

# 3 LAW OF VIBRATION – You Are An Energetic Match To What You Attract

The Law of Vibration illustrates how we are essentially vibrating energetic molecules that emit energy and are affected by the energetics around us. When we think and focus on what we love, we radiate that joyous feeling and will attract others who like the same things. In contrast, staying in bad situations and feeling negative about ourselves, emits the depressed energy we feel, thus keeping us stuck there.

My transformation process catapulted with the realization I had to be a vibrational match to what I wanted to attract. There is simply no other way to bring joy into your life without first experiencing it yourself. That meant I had to seek it and do it, before I could be it. It was only then that the people, places and things that matched my joy could come in.  I have many examples of how this launched powerful manifestations, which seemed miraculous every time.  That’s how powerful it is.

This takes me back to why it’s important to focus on what brings you joy. When you do and maintain that focus consistently over a period of time – weeks, months, and years, you raise your energetics to its highest level. Bringing in the things that you want gets easier because you are an energetic match to the joy and abundance you want to attract. Life begin to flow without it being such a struggle. This is not to say bad things won’t happen or you don’t have to work hard. There is no silver platter – you still must do the work to get there.


Most everyone has a dream of abundance – takes yours seriously and start at the beginning. The #1 Law of Mentalism says that our thoughts initiate everything in life. Keep them focused on your joy so that positivity will influence everything that happens next. The # 2 Law of Correspondence helps us recognize the importance of aligning our internal beliefs to our external actions to be a clear conduit positively affecting everything around us as it affects us. And when we are aligned, we are an example of # 3 Law of Vibration for we are an energetic match to the joy we want to attract, and abundance flows to us.

The Laws of the Universe inform us how to create a life of abundance. If you’d like help operationalizing them to bring in more joy and life satisfaction, reach out. I have developed specific techniques in my Transformational Coaching and Therapy to help you make this happen. This highly specialized, focused work has taken me a lifetime to develop. Go to www.spectrumtransformation.com and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I love to share my knowledge – it’s what I’m here to do!

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com