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You’ve heard that staying grounded is important. But what does that really mean and how do you do it? Having just returned from a wonderful vacation where I was immersed in the woods and surrounding waters of Lake Sunapee, NH, I can tell you it’s like an elixir of restoration. Let me share what this experience provides and how you can do it for yourself, no matter where you are.

Grounding is one of the essential mindfulness methods to enhance being present in your body and the moment. If you feel anxious, fearful, worry or ruminate, there is a good chance it means you are not grounded. If you are stressed, angry, reactive, rushed or overwhelmed, it probably means grounding would help. With all these feelings, you are likely over thinking, imagining the worst.

Grounding is the antidote to these experiences that will help you release the resulting mental and physical tension. If you’d like to live more joyfully and in the moment, grounding is the place to start. Allow me to review a few of the many ways you can reground and release toxic internal stress.

Connect With The Earth

The earth’s electromagnetic field will literally help you renew your energy to match its negative charge. When your feelings and reactions inhibit your ability to stay calm and present, it’s likely that a reconnection to the earth is needed.

You can walk in the woods, sit on the ground, lean against a tree, play with the dirt or garden to help you make that connection. But best of all, take off your shoes and run your feet through the grass, dirt or sand. Our rubber soled shoes insulate us from the earth’s natural electric current, along with our boxed in buildings, concrete, wooden floors and linoleum. Our shoes and environments keep us disconnected and distressed.

Make direct contact with the earth – we crave it and our health depends on it.

Connect With Water

Water also conducts the earth’s electrical currents and help create our weather patterns that make earth livable. Connecting to water puts us into the earth’s natural currents, soothing and resting us.

Whether you are wading in water at a woodland stream, at the beach, swimming, or paddling on water, you’re reestablishing your connections to earth’s vibrations. It is another easy form of restoration for your soul.

Water is a conductor of earth’s vibration and can help us reground.

Connect Through Visualizing

When you are unable to walk in the woods, swim in a lake or directly connect to the soothing rhythms of nature you can still bring it into your life in other ways. You can look at it and tune yourself to its rhythms or you can visualize it in your mind.

Imagine taking the beautiful walk you long for, being at the beach or swimming in cool refreshing water. Look out the window, at pictures or mentally put yourself in the scene and literally imagine connecting to the physical sensations of having the earth or water sending it’s soothing, stabilizing and grounding energy into you.

Imagine being one with a tree, feel it’s texture and imagine becoming it. Send your imaginary roots deep into the earth, feel your back and torso becoming a strong tree trunk with your arms as branches. As you breath in, draw up the earths steady, stabilizing energy.

Whether you look at something in nature or imagine it, you are aligning your energy patterns to the natural ones in earth.

If you’d like a visual to help you with this, use these short I minute videos from Lake Sunapee to connect you with the beauty of earth and water. It certainly worked for me!

Walking in the Woods https://youtu.be/qvtvEl_aj78

Watching Water https://youtu.be/5IdRX2qw7Fc

Lilly Pads https://youtu.be/gqkYp0L68og

By tuning yourself to nature’s rhythms, you are realigning and reprograming yourself.

Connect Through Healthy Food and Water

When we eat healthy foods, especially natural organic food and drink natural water, we are reestablishing our connection to the earth. Be aware of your choices. Stay clear of processed foods and bring in life sustaining energy through what you put in your body.

Love your carrots, vegetables, potatoes, even meats and fish. They are all products of our earth and water and thus provide you with life energy. By mindfully eating and drinking, you can become aware of drawing in their beneficial energy with every bite or sip you take.

You can ground by consciously consuming healthy food and natural water.   

Grounding is the mindfulness action step that will help you reconnect to your soul and sense of who you really are. Our fast pace lifestyles, in closed in environments, wearing shoes’ with plastic and rubber soles keep us disconnected, creating tremendous stress in our minds and bodies. If feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, reactivity or being overwhelmed are keeping you from enjoying your present life, consider adopting these mindful grounding techniques.

Does this review make you aware of feelings and reactions you’d like help removing from your life experience? Transformational Life Coaching and Counseling can help you determine what’s wrong, what you need and put you on the path to claim the joy that is your birthright. See my website www.spectrumtransformation.com for more information and reach out to me through the Free Consultation button. I’d love to help.

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com