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Over the last twenty years, I’ve engaged in the process of waking-up, and now there seems to be an increase in the drum beat and sense of urgency for others to do the same. This has been coming to me from multiple directions, so much so I decided to explore what it means so you can see where you might be with your own progression.

Just the other day, my husband said, “I wasn’t awake until I met you”. That’s a strong statement, so of course we talked about it. He said before he was sleep walking through life, in a disconnected way, just putting one foot in front of the other, with a limited sense of higher purpose and intention. While I’ve always had clear purpose, I now can see other facets of my life where I was sleep walking too.

Then I received a message from a friend in Germany with similar information and concerns. His focus was about being clear that our path moves away from dark controlling energy into one that is based on love and collaboration. Yes, that is my interest too.

And of course, there’s the constant news that illustrates the contrast between those who want collaboration around a greater good and those seeking power and control. It’s especially apparent around issues like global warming  and gun control. The conflict between those waking up to seek accountability and those who are not is becoming more pronounced.

So, let me review what I think are the essential elements of waking up and see if you can relate to this yourself.


The starting point for me, and I think for many, is the dawning awareness that you must live in congruence with your internal truth. It may take a while to connect to it, but once you face it, there is no turning back.

Realizing your truth and the contrasting inconsistencies in how you live has been the turning point for me and the clients I serve. Many come to me confused, depressed or anxious and not understand why. Once they understand the contradictions between what they believe and want at a soul level vs. how they live, it becomes much easier to make positive change.


Defining the specifics of what needs to change is the next step. For many people it’s recognizing that you’ve been trying to force a round peg in a square hole. This can be evident in your work environment, as was true for me, in your relationships, (also true) where you live, what you do, or your social life.

Often the sheer number of disconnects will define the degree of angst, the magnitude of symptomology and the amount of change required. Each area will begin to define itself in terms of what’s important. It’s a process of listening to the small or sometimes loud voice inside that says “enough” – something important needs to change here.


One of the most exciting parts of waking up for me was realizing that there were others around me in the same process. It was like learning a secret language and realizing that you suddenly understand each other in a new and deeper way.

Making connections with people at a soul level changes everything. There is delight, humor, honesty, common interests and a shared desire to join in the search for authenticity. The fun part is realizing you’ll find people like this in every walk of life. I am thrilled by the new people coming into my life, now from all over the world.


A more internal and longer-term change process is undoing the fear-based thinking that has permeated our culture for so long. Our history is full of judgement, violence, prejudice and patterns of living with hypocrisy that must be undone. At home, familial patterns of power and control, abuse and rejection have created countless twisted, manipulative and unloving patterns of interaction. All this  must be released to fully embrace more enlightened love-based interactions.

For those who have lived with it longer, like me, It a constant relearning process. For those younger, the ahha and moments of change come quickly, though no less painfully. Thankfully when you work with the energetics of this change, it becomes so obvious what works and feels better, it makes for a much easier transition.

Simply put – this change is about moving away from the forces of darkness, power and control into the forces of light and love.  If this makes perfect sense to you, you are probably well on the way to waking up! While this is a simplification of the change process, I have witnessed amazing, swift and radical change in people who are waking up! Maybe you are one of them.

Ask yourself if any of this rings true for you and where you think you are in the process of waking up. Have you been facing your truth and seeking congruency, are you discerning what’s important and seeking change in your life? Have you been attracted to new people who reflect a more open loving and exploratory way of life and moving out of old fear-based paradigms of living in this world? If so, you too are waking up! Welcome to the new world we are creating!

If you are on this path and would like support with your change, I welcome you to reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching and Counseling is specifically designed to support this process of rebirth. Contact me on my website and use my Free Consultation link so we can talk. I’d love to support your journey!

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com