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I am having an interesting reaction to the continual negative news.  As things fall apart, I wonder, what is the opportunity? Our political and social systems of order are unraveling. From our incomprehensible political response to Russia, to the reports of high spiritual leaders and corporate executives being made accountable for their nefarious actions, we’re regularly being shown different viewpoints and challenges. And in this, there is opportunity for something new.

My mentor, Alan Seale, in his new book, “Transformational Presence: How to Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World”, writes about how we are involved in a “Great Breaking Open”.

         “We’re living in a world where it seems that every major system and structure is coming completely undone. The shells are cracking, the insides are coming out, and everything is changing. It looks and feels as though much of the world as we have known it is breaking down, falling apart, or being destroyed. “

        “Yet I see this as a time of the Great Breaking Open. Challenging, difficult, and even painful as it might be, this is how growth and evolution work.  Part of what makes it challenging and difficult is our resistance to the growth and evolution process. Looking at what is happening through the lens of the Great Breaking Open invites new perspectives and possibilities.” (Seale, page 27)

Yes, our world is breaking open, coming apart at the seams. Things that we thought were sacrosanct are simply not anymore. Exploitation that has existed under the surface is being forced into the open. Even the standards of decency and respect toward one another are being tested. It’s a time of reckoning  – and a time to consider – what opportunity is being presented to you?

Here are some questions and thoughts to help you clarify your answer.

What Old Structures Are No Longer Working For You?

Part of my interest in this comes from breaking down the dysfunctional structures in my own life. It was a difficult process that absolutely paid off.  It was, in fact, liberating to face what wasn’t working and needed to change. I reworked every facet of my personal and professional life and daily celebrate my newfound joy.

I’m watching others go through this now. In work settings, people are waking up to notice how top down paradigms, with their lack of transparency, deceit and impression management are intolerable for most everyone involved. One sided relationships, in which subjugated loyalty is rewarded over doing what you consider right, is being questioned. In politics, people are waking up and saying something must be done.  All around, we are coming to grips with negative realities and saying, “enough”.

Consider what isn’t working for you and declare your truth.

What Expression Have You Been Holding Back?

When we are in difficult situations, whether a dysfunctional work setting or relationship, we often hold back our true feelings and opinions. Most people are acutely aware of what is wrong but are stymied to say or do something about it. There is often fear and resistance involved–fear of the consequences and resistance to facing change that holds you back.

Even in politics, where opinions have become polarized and shouted from every corner, you see elected officials afraid to speak or act on their truth.

What is the fear and resistance really saying? What are your thoughts and stored up feelings. How much longer do you want to live with that internal conflict? This environment of change offers you an opportunity to express yourself and begin transformation.

Clarify your thoughts and feelings about your reality and begin to honor them.

Who Can You Be In This New Opportunity?

Your strong feelings and thoughts create the perfect incubator to consider – who do you really want to be – one of Alan Seale’s fundamental questions to launch transformation.

The Law of Cause and Effect says that we can always choose our roles – we can be the cause of the effects of our life or live with the effects of someone else’s actions, which is also a choice we make.

In this environment of change, where the gloves are off, consider what role you want. How much control would you like over what happens in your life – as much as possible, right? Well, maybe it’s time to take the reins and make that happen.

Consider how you can step up and be your best?

What Does this Opportunity Invite You To Do?

Growth and change happens more easily when we are in situations that have fallen apart, as we are forced to launch something new. What does the opportunity to take the reins of your life in your own hands look like? Or in another transformational question, what are you being called to do?

Are there changes you’d like to consider in your professional life, your personal life or are there causes you’d like to support? What would make your life a better reflection of who you are on the inside? The more we all step up, the more your world will reflect your true values.

The change you make effects all of us, heed the call.

Things are tumultuous right now. We are all reeling as the social and political structures we’ve known are being ripped at the seams. Pay attention to your reactions. Do you see opportunity to reconsider the structures that no longer work for you? In some instances, we are rejoicing at the change, in others we are outraged. What wants to be expressed from your experience? Find the opportunity these changes present for you. Envision who you want to be, the active role that might entail, and consider what you’re being invited to do? Embrace this opportunity – as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

I have personally lived this dynamic change process and can tell you, it is so worth whatever effort you put into it. If you’d like help to navigate through yours, my Transformational Coaching and Counseling is designed to give you the tools you need. See more about how I do this on my website www.spectrumtransformation.com. I’d love to support you in your change!


Seale, Alan, Transformational Presence: How to Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World  2017, available on Amazon or   https://transformationalpresence.org/

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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