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People tend to be either visionary or a manager, gravitating to one domain verses the other.  After focusing on the vision of bringing the important local event “On Common Ground” to fruition, I watched everyone switch focus to pages of details to bring it all together. It took an army of people to make it a big and profound success. Noticing how it went from an idea to being managed into existence was fascinating. Both skills were essential.

So, do you tend to gravitate to being a visionary or a manager? And what do you do when the other skill set is needed? It’s clear that we need to have working knowledge of both if you really want to reach you full potential and manage your personal life and career. Otherwise you will be offloading the other half to someone else who may or may not have clarity about your intentions.

It’s Interesting, science backs up this idea that you need both. They are like the female and male properties in procreation– you must have both to create new life. In the ancient laws, it called the Law of Gender – you need attributes of the feminine and the masculine skill set to bring anything into being.

So. what are their attributes and why is knowing each essential?


When you think about a visionary person, you think of someone like Martin Luther King who was inspired to change the fabric of American by speaking the truth of what was needed, at a time when there was great cost to doing so.

Our event was initiated by a community leader who realized that talking the truth about the positive impact of immigration is a necessary community conversation. It is the only way to start change. And yes, it wasn’t all pretty, but it certainly was inspiring.

To tap into your visionary side, ask what is inspiring you and what original ideas are wanting to take shape in you.  This is the feminine, creative attribute that initiates all change.


A visionary puts original and inspired ideas out at a time when others aren’t thinking that way. There is intelligent risk taking involved in that the timing, when done right, is now. It involves being able to listen and receive feedback, responding to naysayers without defensiveness, and galvanizing support from key people. It means taking full responsibility, maintaining focus and having passion for the issues so you can go the distance to make it a reality. All that was evident in our event – it took 10 months to bring it to reality.

As a visionary, you access your feminine quality of inspiration and creativity, taking the risk to put your idea out, with full responsibility and enthusiasm.


An idea is only as good as the organization that brings it into being. It usually involves a tremendous amount of planning and involvement of specialists to make things happen. The sequence of tasks has to be determined, organized and appropriated to the right people.

For our event, the management was incredibly detailed, and the cast of people involved wide and varied. It required executing an incredible array of tasks , each requiring very specific skills.

As a manager, you plan and organize the details of your vision from start to finish. It requires operationalizing the masculine attributes of yourself.  


Good management starts with being comfortable with yourself so that taking charge and being accountable for the full scope of a vision or idea is assumed. It means being able to visualize the tasks, know their sequence and know who is best to execute them, if not you. It requires excellent communication skills and flexibility to roll with constantly changing variables.

Bringing the “On Common Ground” event to fruition required being decisive and affirming with others about what was needed.  It was complex to manage the diversity of people and coordinate the tasks involved. The full scope of the project was huge, coordinating just the international musicians for the event took me months. I was totally impressed watching it being managed.

A good manager moves the details from the very first step to full execution. The skills of planning, organizing, coordinating and getting it all done are the masculine skill set in action.

Now that the “On Common Ground” event is over, I’m awed at the brilliance of the vision for it and the complexity and details that went into managing it. It was a perfect example of what is needed to bring anything to completion. The inspiration of the vision included taking the risk to initiate it, knowing all the right people to be involved and maintaining the enthusiasm to gain people’s commitment to it. All this is the feminine skill set. Bringing the program to fruition involved a myriad of details that required project planning timelines, decisive decision making and intense detail management.  The action phase is the masculine skill set. Both were needed and always needed. Can you see yourself operating in both of these domains?

To be successful in any facet of  life requires being visionary to know your full potential and a good manager to execute the planning and organization to meet it. If you’d like help with this, my Transformation Life Coaching and Counseling gives you the tools to increase your competence in these areas. Reach out at I’d love to hear from you.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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