Community Consulting:

I have a long commitment and many years of expertise providing service around social justice issues, suicide prevention and trauma training. I continue this work with agencies that are providing consultation and training around the diversion of people with mental illness from corrections, reduction of trauma and suicide prevention. I work with the following agencies and welcome opportunities to explore this further. Contact me for more information.

Policy Research and Associates – The National SAMSHA GAINS Center

As a connie milligan lcsw lexington ky life coach central kentucky coaching and therapySenior Consultant for the SAMSHA GAINS Center, I provide training and consultation to assist communities and states in identifying ways to decrease and divert the incarceration of people with mental illness. In addition, there is a national goal to make communities more “Trauma Informed” so people are not re-traumatized when they are in crisis. The following training programs are offered.

System Collaboration and Strategic Planning around Sequential Intercept Mapping helps communities and governments explore new ways to divert people from corrections.

Trauma Informed Care training and Strategic Planning identifies how people are traumatized and explores solutions to stop re-traumatization.


NAMI Lexington – Fayette County Mental Health Court
As a clinical consultant, I attend the Mental Health Diversion Court sessions and provide staffing assistance and assessments to the personnel and participants. This specialty court offers people treatment and services rather than locking them in jail or prison. The structure and support of this program is creating significant and positive change in peoples’ life.

BioMedical Development Corporation 
Biomedical Development Corporation has developed and is testing a product to help people with bipolar disorder manage and stabilize their symptoms. This tool promises to be very helpful to people who have a history of incarceration as a consequence of their symptoms. As a consultant and liaison to mental health and correction organizations, I hope to increase the use of tools like this to reduce the incidence of incarceration.

Business and Management Consulting:

I am a seasoned manager with over 25 years directing programs at the executive level. As the Director of Growth Resources, Employee Assistance Program for 15 years, I have extensive knowledge about how companies and agencies can keep employees happy with reduced turnover and negative incidence. As an Executive Director of local and regional programs at, I learned the art of giving direction while simultaneously encouraging people to identify and utilize their strengths. I welcome consultation around these issues.

For more information, Contact me.