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What happens when you let love lead the way? This weekend may be a good example. It was a celebration of several birthdays and an all-out love fest with family and friends. At the end of this whirlwind, we felt blessed.

For my husband’s birthday we organized a big party and concert with many of his musician friends coming from near and far. It was more than a concert for it highlighted the talents and special, long-term connections of his many dear friends. The next day was my son’s birthday and we had another wonderful gathering of special people who really love him.

What I realize is that these events are an outgrowth of a long history of living life a little differently from what our society emphasizes. I think it is a perspective that’s worth sharing and exploring. Here’s what can happen when you let love lead the way.

Decisions are Made With A Different Set Of Criteria

When we were deciding how we wanted to celebrate these events, it was clear that it had to revolve around everything that had meaning to each of them. Lee wanted his band to play the new music he’d written. He wanted his best friends of 30+ years to be present, and he wanted to support the people who support him – so the clubs and the restaurants defined the venue and the food. My son organized his party around the same type of criteria.

Beyond these specific events, they both have a history of making decisions based on what is congruent to who they are. Neither of them worry much about what others think or about meeting certain social norms. They focus on personal meaning.

When you let love lead the way, decisions are made based on your values, who you care about and what you want to support.

Work and Actions Are Love Based

Leading with love means that the type of work you do is based on what you love. It utilizes the gifts and talents that you’ve developed by paying attention to what gives your life meaning and purpose. There is no confusion and angst about your role in life. It is clear you have purpose – no matter what your field or occupation.

When actions are love based, they reflect the values that underpin your life and they support those you care about.  There is congruence from the inside out.

When you let love lead the way, your work and actions are an accurate reflection of your beliefs and who you are.

 You’re Surrounded By People You Care About

The decisions about what you do and where you live your life also include the people you choose to be around. A love-based life means you care about and love the people around you. There is not a discrepancy between being one type of person at home and different type at work. Naturally, you may not call colleagues your best friends, but there is enough commonality that you are comfortable and genuinely able to engage with them. The worlds of your work life and personal life can blend without conflict.

A love-based life means you have taken what you know about yourself into consideration to ensure that you are working, living and hanging around people who you can care about. It makes every day easier and more joyous when you have a sense of community every where you go.

When you let love lead the way, you choose who you share it with based on your values and truth.

Life Feels Rich

There is a simplicity and symmetry to living with congruence. When your inside values and the everyday decisions reflect your truth, you feel a sense of peace.   Your life feels rich and rewarding, independent of the income you have.

It may be the definition of success to align yourself in this manner. When the everyday choices you make, the work you’re in and the friends and loved ones you bring into your life all match, it becomes an accurate reflection of who you really are. This is a rich life worth living.

When you let love lead the way, life feel rich beyond monetary value; it has its own intrinsic reward.  

How does this support or challenge your way of living? If it sounds familiar, then its likely you are letting love lead the way as well. If you see aspects of your life where this doesn’t hold true, what does it suggest needs to be changed? To let love lead your way try: making your decisions an accurate reflection of what you believe, your work and actions congruent with your values, gifts and talents, and the people you choose to share your life with a reflection of your truth about who you love. When all these things are in alignment, I think you’ll experience what we have noticed – life is rich beyond measure.

Creating congruence from the inside out is one of the hallmarks of the work I do as a Transformation Life Coach, Counselor and Trainer. If you’d like to explore making this happen with more frequency in your life, reach out – you’ll find more information at my website www.spectrumtransformation.com.  I invite you to use my Free Consultation link to see if I can be helpful to you.  I would love to hear from you!

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com