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Wow, seems everyone around me is dealing with stress. It’s not all bad, several friends, like me, have great things going on, just lots of it. Some are in big transitions and coping with change. Others are sorting through lots of decisions, making sense of their direction. What is obvious is that it takes a toll.

We all have stress and none of us are perfect at handling it. I’d also say most of us know what we’re supposed to do, yet we don’t. Since I can relate to this too,  I thought it’d be helpful to provide a quick review of best coping strategies.

It’s Time To Sleep More, Not Less             

Getting enough rest is essential to coping. Staying up late, trying to get everything done and then being awake worrying about things obviously doesn’t work. We all have done it and surely you know, like I do, that it backfires every time.

Sleep deprivation compromises our ability to think clearly and respond calmly. It creates tension in the body, fuzzy thinking, and irritability. When it goes on too long, people can develop manic and psychotic like symptoms. It’s a scary thing to see happen to an otherwise well-functioning person.

You Are Not Too Busy To Exercise And Eat Properly

Everyone’s favorite excuse to not exercise and to eat what ever is handy is “I’m too busy”. I do it, you do it and we all know it’s bad. So, let’s get real.

If ever there was a time you needed to exercise, it’s when you’re stressed. It helps release the tension, it clears your mind, it helps you feel better. And the same thing applies to food – stress requires good nutrition, so your mind and body function well. Connie, stop eating the chips, it doesn’t help – you need protein and vegetables. We know all this.

Talk Through Your Concerns

There is often a tendency to ruminate when you’re stressed. When you’re dealing with complex things and many moving parts it’s important to have someone to review them with. We can get bogged down in our own perspectives and lose site of the bigger picture.

Stress can be so consuming our thoughts become myopic – all good or all bad. Check your thought process out with a trusted friend. Get feedback, don’t let stressful thinking take you down a worm hole.  There are many ways to look at a situation. Imagine the best outcome to keep yourself grounded.

Take Time To Recharge So Your Worst Side Doesn’t Take Over

Another common error when stressed is to stay so busy, you’re not giving yourself time to recharge. What happens to your mood and personality? It’s usually when the worst side of yourself – the impatient, testy, angry, withdrawn, or self-absorbed part – shows up.

If you’re getting feedback about that, pay attention. Stress doesn’t give you permission to become someone others don’t like. Give yourself time to put your mind on other things to help you regain perspective. What do you usually do to relax? Be sure to do it –  take a walk, read, meditate, go out with friends.

If your stress reaction is making you a difficult person, wake up and take note of the things you need to be doing so you can cope better. The good news is any and all of these things will make a difference. Your mind and body will rebound quickly. Give yourself the break you need – get enough rest, exercise, eat properly, talk it out and give yourself time to recharge. Your stress will not get better until you do. Treat yourself like an athlete – you want to be in your best shape to do your best. Take care of yourself.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com