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I’m writing this on Christmas Day. No matter your faith tradition, there is something about this time of year that can bring out the best in us. We are suspending our conflicts and opinions long enough to share some love. It’s in the process that we learn how love transforms.

Over the last week, I’ve attended and hosted numerous parties and dinners. They’ve been infused with humor, laughter, music, singing, and wonderful food. There’s been a spirit of sharing and giving. There is love embedded in all this activity.

It occurred to me that love is the ultimate force of transformation. Since love can be a mental thought, a heart based feeling and an action, it is an essential source of internal and external transformation. When it’s heart based action it’s especially powerful. Let me share a few thoughts.

Love Creates Feelings of Empathy, Compassion and Generosity

One of the hallmarks of this season is the desire to show our love and gratitude to others. When we take our internal feelings of  love outward, the act of giving to others is the ultimate reflection of kindness, approval and generosity.

Just as Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” shows, when Ebenezer Scrooge finally experiences empathy and compassion for others, he softens, and experiences the joy of expressing love through acts of generosity.  The compassion shown to others enhances us, generating a more expansive sense of self.

Love softens us internally, expanding our sense of self to generate kindness.

Love Multiplies As An Action

The generosity shown to others creates an ever-enlarging circle of good will. If you agree with the concept of Karma then you know, it is a form of paying forward, for what you put forth is always returned in some form.

I look at the mighty Sycamore tree in my yard and noticed their round ball shaped seed pods. When they’re dry, they explode with tiny seeks that blow everywhere as the genesis of new life. This is what happens when we share our love for others with generosity and compassion. We are creating an ever multiplying energetic of good will.

The love you show is the love that grows.

Love Creates Internal Calm

Reflecting on the love you feel toward others, for nature, for your many blessings immediately calms you. It slows and deepens your breath, and creates relaxation in the body. When you adopt loving and accepting perspectives, it helps you cope with stress more effectively and can bring you better health.

The positivity that love generates is like a tonic that soothes you and everyone around you. The more you focus on love, the more accepting and patient you become.

Loving perspectives generate internal peace that radiate outward.

Love Creates External Connection and Unity

Love generates acceptance and tolerance for individual differences. It reduces the boundaries between races, nationalities, spiritual beliefs and creeds. As a great equalizer, it is the foundation for conflict resolution, social justice and unity between all people.

When love leads your actions, it creates connections between others, deepens your understanding and appreciation for individuals differences and enhances our sense of interconnectedness with everyone and everything in life. As such, love is the antidote for hatred, spite, revenge, aggression and violence.

Love shows us that we are interconnected and accountable to everything in life.

How has love shown itself to you this holiday season? Have you felt the heart swell of love and appreciation for the people you care about? Have you noticed the impact of your generosity? And are you aware now of how the internal love and compassion expressed as external action changes your sense of self? When you become aware of love’s power to transform internally and externally, you can be more intentional with your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the transformation process that can change your world.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com