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It’s busy time as we ramp up for some exciting events this week. I’ve been pondering what is creating this excitement. It’s interesting because there was a time when I didn’t have much of it in my life. What brought this change and how can you do it too?

This week we are bringing 3 amazing musicians in for a series of concerts. Two of them are Cuban and the other is a friend who has collaborated with Lee on many musical projects. We’re excited to be launching something new – a series of Cuban jazz concerts in collaboration with two other community art groups. This is part of what we’re doing with our non-profit.

In connecting the dots between these events and the other work I do creating transformation, I recognize my own change process. I’ve made significant shifts from having a routine life that had little zest to living full-on most of the time. There’s a process I’ve used to create this.

Let me explain it from the perspective of the universal laws that govern transformation.


The idea of this event was exciting before any work was done to make it happen. It’s an extension of our travels and desire to see the world through the eyes of those who live there. We want to share the awe-inspiring music we experienced in Cuba. The level of expertise of musicians in every category is intense. It’s been exciting to imagine its impact and get it organized.

Are you allowing yourself to imagine things that create excitement? The Law of Mentalism tell us that it all starts with a thought. Give yourself permission to dream a little and fantasize the things that bring you joy without censoring your ideas. We tend to stop ourselves before something can take flight.

Dream and imagine what would be exciting – your thoughts initiate your new experience.


When we were in Cuba,  we were surrounded by their amazing music.  It’s everywhere.; on the streets, in restaurants and the clubs. Their rapid tempos and the way they play piano is very different from western styles. The contrast to our music was so exciting, we wanted others to share what we experienced.

Often the motivation to seek something new, exciting and different is that it offers a contrast to your current life. This is the Law of Polarity in action. It says there is always an opposite to what you have now. It’s a helpful way to consider what you want – something different – right?

Consider what would be different that lifts you up from your current situation


This event is a part of a larger mission to create international cross-cultural collaboration in the music and arts. I’m excited to launch this – it’s close to my heart for in my travels I’ve realized we are more alike than different. We’ve been humbled by the kindness and generosity of spirit shown to us. We want to share this gift people from other countries have shown us and soften the divisiveness we’re experiencing here.

Ask yourself if what you seek is aligned with your greater good,  your soul’s purpose? The Law of Correspondence tells us when it is, it will likely come more easily into being. When it’s an extension of who you are, the congruence helps make it exciting and deeply satisfying.

Seek things that expand and support your sense of who you are.


We are filled with anticipation as the date of the event comes closer. We have planned this over many months and have dreamed about its success. Now here we are. The energy we have for it has grown – we’re excited.

Don’t you love how the anticipation of something you want excites you? This is the Law of Vibration in action. Imagining it gives you as much joy as the actual experience and that joy attracts even more. It’s part of why thinking and imaging your excitement is so important – it energetically helps make it happen.

Imagine your joy – it helps create the experience.

If you are wanting to amp up the excitement in your life, consider the process I’ve been through. I’ve imagined what I wanted in some specific detail. I noticed just thinking about it creates internal excitement. This event offers a contrast to the music we typically hear and gives people an opportunity to experience another culture. It’s congruent with our mission and my life purpose, to highlight the beauty of the human spirit. And finally, the anticipation I’m experiencing is exciting and reinforcing. The laws of the universe have supported me every step of the way to bring this to fruition.

How does this work for you? Would you like to increase the excitement and positive energy in your life? Give yourself permission to dream, imagine it coming in and if you want help reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching and Counseling services are designed to support you in the process. See my website for more information and let me know through my Free Consultation button if I can assist. I’d love to.

Image: Geometric painting by Francesco Lo Castro

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com