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How interesting – I’m in conversation with several people about how to create something big! As my husband and I launch our non-profit, we are aware that it’s growing exponentially in scale. In meetings with a creative partner, we listened in awe to the magnitude of her ideas and vision. And in a meeting with others planning and organizing an event we hear –“We want this to be Big”!

So, what does that mean and how do you do it?

Despite this being a time of social and political uncertainty, I find it stunning and refreshing to be having these inspired conversations. The more I focus on the creative process, the more hopeful I become.  So, I want to encourage others to do this too.  Here are some thoughts about launching your vision and being involved in creating something Big.


What is calling to you and what is your grandest vision? Go ahead and allow yourself to push it to the greatest scale possible. Even to the point where it makes you a little scared and shaky. What are you seeing?

There is a saying from Walt Disney that makes the point here – “If you can dream it, you can do it:” We tend to scale back our biggest dreams with the assumption that we can’t possibly make it happen. But the truth is the world thrives on expansion and creative ideas. We love the energy and excitement of being involved in something positive and creative. So, put it out there.

Your dreams aren’t fantasy – they are very real possibilities, you need to let them grow.


For a big vision to have legs and to be something you’ll want to see to fruition, it has to be congruent with your values. This point can’t be underestimated. I find that the best big projects are ones that start with the values as the motivation for the new creation. It drives everything that happens.

What is your intent and what purpose does it serve? We want to enhance collaboration and understanding between cultures, to show we are more alike than different. Another friend wants to highlight how immigration has enhanced the creative richness of our city. Our creative partner wants to show her native country how to present themselves more professionally. Creating more social services infrastructure is a goal for another project.  I even heard one friend turned down a high paying opportunity because its only purpose was to make money. Find the greater value embedded in your vision.

What is the greater good you are serving – this gives your vision viability.


At a meeting I heard the comment, “it’s good to bring others in to get out of our own echo chamber”. Isn’t that the truth? It may feel good to get validation among your friends and supporters, but if you really want to grow, you need to bring in the experts.

Get consultation and input from others in your field. When the professionals weigh in, you will get a more realistic view of how your ideas stand up against others in the bigger market. You want this feedback if you want to be big. Experts will help enhance your vision to its greatest potential.

Give your vision the support it needs to see it flourish.


The days of battling with your competitors with suspicion and envy are over – if you really want to succeed. Collaborative partnerships have been shown to give you many advantages that enhance and expand your dreams rather than limit them.

Collaboration allows you to share resources, particularly in social media reach and strengthening your impact. Being affiliated with like brands heightens the importance of what you are doing and gives you a stronger identity. The inspiration of working with others can amp up the creative energy and help take everyone to higher levels.

Partnerships expand and enhance your efforts – everyone benefits.

Does this help you dust off those big ideas you have not yet launched? I hope you will give them consideration, allowing them to develop into their fullest creative form in your mind.  Make sure your vison is aligned with the values you hold dear and openly articulate them. Bring experts in to give you feedback and take your vision to its most professional level. Then consider who you can partner or collaborate with to bring more attention and creative energy to your plans. All these things will help you to create something big.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com