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For five days, I was in Costa Rica at a Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching Gathering. If there is anything that can inspire you to re-calibrate your life path, an experience in that beautiful country surely will. Most of all, being in a lovely setting, with wonderful people, while asking yourself the hard questions about life makes for a profound experience!

The intention of this gathering of coaches, trained by Alan Seale with the Center for Transformational Presence, was to give us the opportunity to do some self-exploration and make new commitments to ourselves.*   It provided welcomed and exciting self-discovery and insight.

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Another way to re-calibrate your life path is to take yourself on a journey of self-discovery by following a template adapted from my experience at the Coaching Gathering. See if this is helpful.


Have you ever tried to think your way out of complex problems, off a tiresome treadmill that’s going nowhere, into something new and exciting,? Then you know how difficult it can be. In fact, thinking through it is not the solution at all. It’s sensing.

Put yourself in beautiful surroundings, preferably outside where the patterns of nature inform you to see things differently. Let your ears, eyes, nose, touch and senses guide you toward inner knowing. Watch the wildlife around you or interact with your pets to notice what living more naturally and in the moment looks like. Relax your breathing and imagine living connected to the rhythms of nature, rather than being in your head.

Your senses give you information at a deeper level than thought.


In a relaxed state, let your instincts guide you to new awareness and insight. For example, here are some of the things I noticed from the natural world and from the animals at the Gathering in Costa Rica. While your setting is different, many of these things are evident right at home.

  • Hawks were catching the drift of the wind and effortlessly soaring
  • Water always runs downhill and had formed its own small trail in the grass.
  • Insight – Make life easier for yourself
  • Each leaf has a unique and beautiful pattern
  • Trees and shrubs flower and produce fruit, seeds or nuts in profusion.
  • Insight – We are unique and have purpose in life.
  • Horses don’t keep stress in their bodies, they immediately release it.
  • Donkeys are independent, going after what they want, including being petted, much like a cat.
  • Insight – Be true to yourself, let go of the stress in your life.

Allow your instincts to inform you of your truth.


What do you notice when you give yourself permission to simply notice? What are the signs that resonate with what your soul needs to know? This is not an exercise about thought, rather it’s a process of allowing yourself to access information at your deepest level.

Continuing on a journey of discovery , imagine going to the following places and see what comes up for you?

  • Take yourself to a tree, and listen to the wind rustling the branches – what does it say to you?
  • Imagine standing in a wide-open space – Do you need to stretch yourself to live more authentically?
  • Imagine standing at the edge of a cliff and ask yourself if a leap forward is calling you?

Your soul knows what is needed – open yourself to your own wisdom.


If you were to take yourself to the next level of living your life, what would change? Close your eyes and ask yourself at a deeper level, what is needed to make that change? Now ask yourself from your heart. Go another step deeper into your knowing and ask again.

Does something become clear to you? Who can help you on your path? Imagine reaching out for support and ID who can be a bridge to help you make the leap forward. You’re taking the first steps needed to initiate your transformation.

Ask yourself what taking your life to the next level would look like.

Are you ready to re-calibrate your life? I was and this inner journey gave me answers I needed. You can re-calibrate yours by activating  your senses and tuning into the insight nature and animals provide. Relax into your inner awareness  and access your soul’s knowledge of what is needed. Take yourself on an imaginary journey, to understand what the leading edge of change would be.

For more structure on learning how to manifest your dreams and create transformation, consider attending my MANIFESTATION MASTER CLASS on February 9th at Centered. You’ll find details at events: www.centeredlex.org

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*With gratitude to Alan Seale, Founder and Director, The Center For Transformational Presence and his wonderful community of coaches. https://transformationalpresence.org/


Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com