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I had a revelation recognizing how our network of friends is enhancing our quality of life. Over the last month, numerous opportunities have developed that will be expansive and enriching. Let me share how this has happened and why it is a significant and easy way to improve your life.

We’ve had five interesting things transpire recently that are a result of our relationships with people we care very much about. None of this happened overnight, but all are a product of establishing clear and conscious intentions for myself and my husband.

Two of the things that occurred involve travel, and the other three involve the expansion of the work that Lee and I are doing. In a meeting with a friend in Chicago, we were invited to visit him in his native country of Senegal and for Lee to record an album with him. That’s Lee’s dream come true.  Other friends invited us to go with them to Columbia – another long-awaited dream that expands the work of our non-profit. A musician and composer friend visited us to complete an album he came here to record, an outgrowth of one of Lee’s long-standing relationship, that will also enhance our work. And I’ve had two invitations from friends to speak and do workshops.

The concepts that underpin what is happening to us is what I teach in my Manifestation Master Class , coming up February 8th. Let me review the principles at work here that you may want to use as well.


At this later stage of life, I decided I wanted to live more passionately and have a partner to share my interests and love of travel. I met Lee 9.5 years ago and he perfectly matched this intention. We decided we wanted to see the world through the eyes of the people who live there. It’s been another simple intention that’s opened the world to us exponentially, bringing amazing opportunities.

What is calling to you, what expansion are you longing to bring into your life? When you become clear about your intentions you set the wheels in motion for it to happen. It doesn’t matter how old you are, and it doesn’t matter your resources. With a new idea and a little work, you can literally change your life.

Get clear on what you’d like to have happen – it’s the idea that starts the forward movement.


Along with getting clear on my intentions, I also decided that I wanted congruence with my interests and work. I revamped my career, got additional training and now have an ever-expanding opportunity to do what I love. Even though I retired from my 9-5, I ‘m busier than ever with more work and interesting projects than I ever thought possible. It’s my late-in-life lesson to realize I can be self-employed and do what I love. This is one of the concepts I teach because now I understand how it works. Additionally, I have the pleasure of watching Lee benefit from these principles too.

When we align ourselves with our interests, passions, and natural gifts we step into our full potential. There is tremendous power in this. We are happier, we have more energy, and we become a magnet to others with like-minded interests. In this way you begin to expand your network – congruently.

Be true to yourself, to your interests and talents and let that expand your life from the inside out.


Over ten years ago, I asked someone if I could join them teaching abroad. I was told No, as it was something that happened to them organically and I wasn’t involved. What a lesson. I understand this very well now. What is happening to us is a natural outgrowth of relationships that align with our interests. The friends who are helping make these extraordinary things happen are involved in the day to day development of things that we love.

When you let your life expand organically, you are following its natural development within your network of friends.  You end up seeking the same things, having the same growth-oriented interests. There is an easy and natural expansion that occurs that isn’t forced or anxiety producing.

Trust that you and your friends can follow your interests and make wonderful things happen.


None of these things would be occurring if we didn’t say yes. There is no time for fear in this equation. I know, for last year we said no to several opportunities out of fear and never had a full vacation. (that’s another story) Now, we are moving forward again, full steam. It feels like we’re back in the stream of life.

Think of all the opportunities that have come your way that you didn’t take. Realize that saying yes to any of them would have changed the trajectory of your life. What do you want? Grab opportunity when it comes and see where it takes you. There are always lessons and growth along the way. There is no wasted opportunity.

Give yourself the chance to expand your life when opportunity presents itself by saying Yes.

This is an interesting and expansive time for me that is the byproduct of years of cultivating relationships that enhance the quality of my life. It started by getting clear on my intentions – who I wanted in my life and what I wanted to do. I aligned my work with my interests and talents, which led me to organically grow my network of like-minded friends. Now, Lee and I are saying yes to opportunity coming our way and we are swiftly flowing in the stream of life. It’s a beautiful lesson on how to manifest your dreams.

If you’d like to learn to do this for yourself, consider my Manifestation Master Class coming up at Centered on February 8th.  It’s based on the 7 Laws of the Universe, also known as the Hermetic Principles. Follow this link for more information (Manifestation Master Class) or see the details on my website at www.spectrumtransformation.com I’d love to include you!


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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com