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 When I was meditating, I received a message about letting old forms dissolve – along with an image of a cylinder dissipating into energy. It was a sobering thought that will take more contemplation, but it made me wonder. Is this in fact what is needed now?

Later, while taking a walk, a friend called out from across the street – “it’s like we’re living Ground Hog Day all over again”. It was a reference to the 1993 Bill Murray movie where he relives the same day hundreds of times. It does seem to be what many of us are experiencing in the midst of the pandemic quarantine.

How are you facing the challenges of this time? Is it calling for new forms of response? I know some people are taking this as an opportunity to find new outlets, being creative as never before. While others are back sliding into unhealthy patterns – sleeping and eating too much, lethargic and bored. Where are you?

If ever there was a time to let old forms dissolve, this would be it. Allow me to explore this idea with you.

Break Out of the Malaise

Everyone is in a different place right now. Many people are still in quarantine, particularly those in the arts whose public outlets are shuttered. Others are on the front line of crisis management and service. And there are many trying to figure out how to safely reenter the work force. Everyone is being called to find ways out of the malaise of shutdown.

Like the groundhog raising its head out of the hole in spring, we all must find a way to move forward. Allow yourself to consider what this means to you. How do you want to reengage life?

Consider What Wants to Happen

If you look at what is happening in our world, it is obvious that that there is a call for something different from the competitive pace we’ve led. Our noe-liberal economic model, based on survival of the fittest, is forcing out locally owned businesses in this economy. I grieve as I watch favorite restaurants and others close. Surely this is not what we want. How can this be changed?

We need models of interaction that are based on collaboration, cooperation, peaceful interdependence, rather than self-serving competition. It is time to reconfigure the key elements of our life to support what we really want. Consider how you want to make your actions more meaningful. Do you feel called to be more politically active, more community and locally responsive or maybe more personally responsible? Consider how you can be part of the solution, with the most satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Focus On What Needs To Change

Surely there is a rallying cry to change how we interact with each other. As we witness the polarization of hostility, judgment and hatred in our divisive politics, we see how it encourages acts of violence and disruption that suppresses people and encourages domination. When we notice our dependence on electronics and phones, we see the disconnection that separates us from each other. We have been encouraged and programmed to interact in meanspirited and superficial ways.

No one I know wants this. What are you willing to do to change the dynamic that is taking over the world? How can you be more direct, kind, real, interactive and responsive in your communication? Imagine taking this into your work and daily life. Make a resolve to lead with kindness and a spirit of collaboration.

Let’s Come Out Better Than We Were

We have an opportunity to learn from this experience and reshape our lives going forward. We can recover the humanity that we have lost by being more responsive to one another – communicating more directly and taking our relationships with friends and family more seriously.

We can maintain a personal, slower and more fulfilling pace of life. The jungle behind my garage is now a garden that will need tending. It was something I did not think I had time to do. I want that time now. I indeed want the old form of my fast-paced life to dissolve into something more peaceful, kind and responsive.

From my meditation, I received a message that it is time to let old forms dissolve. If this idea resonates, it will mean breaking out of your malaise to consider what wants to happen, looking at what needs to change in your life and determining how you can come out of this experience better than you were before. I hope this inspires you to consider the changes you’d like to see.

Is it time to let the old forms of your life dissolve?  If you’d like to explore potential changes in more detail, see my website for more information and reach out using my Free Consultation link. My services are designed to help support this type of transformation. I would love to help you.

Photo – The jungle behind my garage has dissolved into a garden

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com