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It seems miraculous that every year at this time, tender green buds shoot out of the ground, despite the cold and snow, and bloom gloriously while winter continues to rage. This year the gorgeous blossoms in my yard had piles of snow on them three times and yet they still endured. It makes me wonder – are you as strong as the force of spring?

There is a lot we can learn from the cycles of nature. There are predictable rhythms in our life, we organize ourselves around them, but do we ever consider how steadfast the force of spring must be to show up each year against all odds? It’s worth looking at ourselves from this perspective.

If you’d like to make a stronger impact with your life, try adapting some of these concepts that we can learn from the tenacity of spring and the Law of Rhythm.

Clearly Know Your Purpose  

The spring bulbs don’t question or worry about what to do or when to show up. They arrive right on time each year, based on the temperature of the ground and the amount of water in the soil. There’s no confusion about their task or purpose. It’s hard wired in them.

We are the same way. Though, we certainly spend a lot of time in angst, not being sure we know the truth about who we are. Being confused about our sense of self is strictly a human experience that separates us from other animals, birds and bulbs. The sooner you trust that your life has purpose and lay claim to who you are and why you’re here, the easier life will be.

Knowing your purpose gives your life a sense of direction, rather than a rambling or circular path.

Match Your Ideas With Action

While the bulbs are triggered by the weather to begin growing and their grandeur is influenced by it, they never ever get confused about how to grow. It’s in their DNA to do exactly what is needed, despite bad weather.

We could take a lesson from the bulbs. You may have inspired ideas to launch your direction in life, but without the necessary sustained action, it doesn’t come to fruition.  If you have the idea, the way to make it happen will also come to you. It’s a matter of trusting the process.

Every choice you make has tasks involved – nothing happens without following through.

Be Willing to Work With the Odds

In the life of a bulb, a bad season doesn’t stop them from trying to bloom again next year. No matter the extreme weather in the winter or the summer draught and heat, they still do their task. Even as the life cycle of one bulb wanes, they have reproduced so many more that it keeps regenerating and spreading. What starts as a small patch will eventually cover a lot of ground.

In approaching what you do in life, do you have the perseverance to keep at it despite bad spells? It takes time and diligence to make our lives something grand.  It means understanding the odds, knowing that there are other opportunities waiting.

You can flow through hard times when you stay focused on what can happen next.

Know Your Seasons and Cycles

Just as the spring bulbs go through the seasons of being a new bud, flowering and then going to seed and regenerating, there are seasons and cycles to our lives. When the leaves die back, it’s not seen as a failure but rather the time of rest before regeneration. Each process has its own timetable – you don’t start one until the previous one is complete.

How are you respecting the Law of Rhythm in your life? It governs everything from launching something new, paying your taxes, going after grants, to knowing when the lifecycle of a project is ready for a new direction. The more you understand the cycles of beginning, middle and end, the easier it is to flow with the reality of what is happening in your life.

When you respect the seasons of your life, you can make it work for you rather than fight it.

By watching the force of spring in your own garden or neighborhood, you can extrapolate this wisdom from the Law of Rhythm. There is a time and place for all aspects of your life. Everything has its natural time table. If you want your life to have greater impact, understand where you are in your cycle of growth. Is it time to launch yourself like a bud in spring, be more active in doing the work to grow, have greater perseverance during hard times or is it time to rest and prepare for regrowth? The Law of Rhythm can help us understand the cycle we are in and how to best move through it.

How does this compare to where you are in your life? If you’d like help understanding how to find a clear purpose, grow beyond where you are now, or make a bigger impact, reach out. My Counseling and Transformational Life Coaching can support you in that discovery process. See my website for more information at and use my Free Consultation button to reach me.

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com