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I am teaching a course on Manifestation and last week’s lesson was on envisioning your future. If you want to stop worrying about your future and imagine it’s best – let your soul help.  Your soul knows what’s good for you and can help clarify your path.

Have you noticed how much time we spend worrying about our past and the future? The Law of Attraction tells us that worry is focused attention on what you don’t want – which only brings more of it into your reality. To move ahead requires using your imagination to conjure your desired  life. Your soul plays an important role in defining what that life would look like.

Allow me to describe some ways to make this happen. See if this helps you reconsider the life you are seeking.

Stand In Your Wisdom Perspective

In last week’s blog, I talked about how to change your perspective from negative to positive.  It requires standing above the polarity of self-limiting beliefs and worries, which block your potential, and notice your positive options at the other end. This higher order perspective is what I call your “wisdom perspective”. It allows you to imagine what your best outcome would look like.

Your wisdom perspective allows your soul to help define the life of your dreams. It helps you to step out of the “be realistic and settle for whatever comes along” mindset to embrace a new paradigm that says anything is possible.   It knows you are here for a positive purpose and the sooner you notice it, the sooner you’ll be living the life you really desire.

Your wisdom perspective knows your higher order truth about what represents your best future

Let Your Soul Show Your Full Potential

When you put your soul in the driver’s seat to help determine your best future direction, everything becomes easier. It’s a very different perspective. Your soul sees unlimited options and only wants what’s best for you. It knows you wouldn’t consider a dream if it wasn’t possible. Your soul doesn’t have negative judgement, as it’s not driven by social norms. It sees your potential and wants your gifts and talents to make a difference.

Allow yourself to look at the big picture of your life and dream of where you want to go. What’s calling to you, what would use your gifts to your best potential? Most of all, consider all your options and don’t allow the negative perspectives that have held you back before to have a voice. Feel into each option and consider their potential reality. Do you like it? If not, try another one. Give yourself several options until something fits.

Your soul wants you to dream more about your future – we are only limited by our imagination.

Clarify Your Intentions and Motivation

Next, if you have something calling to you,  discern the intentions and motivations behind it. Who are you doing this for? Ask yourself, “who will I be if I follow this calling – do I like that person”? If it’s coming from deep within, it’ll feel soul based and will use your gift and talents. If it’s based on ego, it’s more likely to be about making an impression or gaining power and is not about making a difference. Trust your instincts to tell you.

If your intentions are good, you will feel a surge of energy and motivation to make it happen. It’ll feel compelling to the point that you’ll have the motivation to make it happen. When your ego has a positive role in making it happen, it will be balanced by your soul’s sense of purpose. There won’t be room for doubt.

You’re are on the right path when your intentions are matched by the motivation to imagine your dreams into reality.

Give Your Dreams Your Full Attention

Now, what’s it going to take to make this happen? To make a dream come true requires your full attention. This is where the rubber meets the road, ask yourself if you’re willing to do the work. What else do you need to make this happen – more information, more education, more technical help, more support? If you ask, if you seek it, it will come to you. There is no other way to make it happen. Give your dreams the attention they need to come to fruition.

Most of all, if you are on the right path, it will seem like a red carpet is rolling out in front of you. Because, when one thing leads to another, you’ll notice synchronicities  that are almost effortless. You will soon know you’re attention is well placed and is making things happen. Your exciting rise in energy makes the increased work all worthwhile. You are in the flow of your life – making dreams come true.

There is no shortcut to doing the work needed to make your dreams come to life – they deserve your full attention.

Finally, by switching from worrying about your future to focus on your soul’s vision, you’ll be imaging a life that matches who you really are. From your higher order wisdom perspective, your soul can help transform your worry to imagination and envision your potential coming to life. What dreams do you have that could use your gifts and talents? Seek your soul’s input and  notice the shift in your energy that moves you forward. Most of all, clarify your intentions and motivation and be willing to put your full attention on making your dream come to fruition.

Would you like to stop worrying about your future and focus more on your dreams, knowing your soul is guiding your path? My transformation coaching and counseling can help you make this happen. Go to my website www.spectrumtransformation.com for more information and use my Free Consultation button to reach out to me. I’d love to help you bring your dreams of your future to life.

Photo and Madala by James Brunt

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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