I love conducting workshops. They have always been an integral part of my work.

I think a learning experience is more personally powerful and expansive when we are exposed to each other’s learning process – it helps us stretch and grow too. For this reason, I host life coaching workshops on various topics throughout the year.

My passion is to share my learning and exploration of the material that is embedded in the ancient energetic laws of the universe called the Hermetic Principles. They are like a treasure map that guides us to achieve everything we seek in work, love, friendships, family and our environment. I have spent years developing and improving on techniques that bring this material alive, so we may all benefit from its wisdom!

I believe life coaching workshops are an ideal way to create a discovery process that takes you to places you haven’t been before. Because we learn together, there is often something someone else is recognizing that is helpful for you too. Everyone expands.  This material is rich with profound information, so these training workshops are the perfect vehicle to create deep dives into soul satisfying and life changing experiences.

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Each of the following life coaching workshops offer a different way of learning how to you create the life you want~ They bring the ancient wisdom traditions alive, so you can make them part of your daily life~

For more information on each transformational life coaching workshop offering, read on!

 “THE MANIFESTATION COURSE” How to Create Miracles!

A six-week course is offered the first of the year to help you learn how to create and master manifesting miracles! It’s designed to get your New Year off in ways you want.

“RELAUNCH” Make Your Transformation Happen!  

A two-day workshop that helps you clear out what no longer serves you and enables you to relaunch your life around principles that serve your greatest good!



In two-hour self-discovery workshops, conducted throughout the year, I’ll review the principals of transformation and help you reach a deeper level of self-knowledge.

I love conducting workshops. I love training.

They have always been an integral part of my work. I think a learning experience is more personally powerful and expansive when we are exposed to each other’s responses. For this reason, I host workshops on various topics throughout the year.

My passion is to continue learning and exploring this material. Workshops are an ideal way to create discovery - we learn together. This material is rich with profound information so these training workshops are the perfect vehicle to create deep dives into soul satisfying and life changing experiences.

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“The Manifestation Course“  How to Create Miracles in Your Life!

“The Manifestation Course” provides a deep dive into the Laws of the Universe that hold the key to how can manifest miracles in your life!

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Over 6 weeks, this workshop takes you beyond the Law of Attraction to explore all 7 of the ancient laws that must be interlinked to create powerful transformation in your life. These essential elements are from the Hermetic Principles, the ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions. Through this course, you will understand and use all of them to discern the life you want so you’ll soon be manifesting miracles. Each week one or two of the laws will be presented along with meditations, exercises and handout materials to help make them understandable and usable You’ll also receive a symbolic gift that makes each lesson memorable.

Week 1 - Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Change and channel them

The first principle, Law of Mentalism, governs the importance of your thoughts. You’ll be guided to recognize that what you think and what you bring into your life are always linked – the good and the bad. Your powerful mind can be trained! You’ll identify thoughts that don’t serve you and replace them with ones that better serve you.

Week 2 - Your Internal Guidance SystemAlign it, read it and trust it

The Law of Correspondence tells us that we are connected to the entire universe and the Law of Vibration tells us that we are all energy. Your internal guidance system of mind, body and soul registers all your energetic connections. This lesson helps align all three with the focus on how the soul knows your full potential, so you can manifest your best.

Week 3 – Claim Your Gifts and Wisdom -Release old patterns, create new

The Laws of Rhythm highlights the natural cycles in your life and Polarity helps you know what you want or don’t want by contrast. By looking at your life timeline, you will notice your gifts and how negative events helped you develop wisdom. What strengths want development now? What’s your wisdom telling you to release and seek?

Week 4 – Develop Mastery - Imagine A New Reality – Envision your potential

The Law of Cause and Effect helps us understand that we are both the master creator and pawn of our creations. What is the pattern of your life and how do you want to shape it going forward? In this week, we travel to the future and imagine the life we really want and begin imagining it into existence.

Week 5 – The Secret Manifestation FormulaCreate your intention

The final Law of Gender is the one that holds the secrete to manifesting miracles. It shows you how to use all the principles together to make things zoom into your life. You’ll be given instruction on how to use it to determine what else you need to dream, think, or do to bring your visualization into reality.

Week 6 – Create Your Vision – Make a vision board

The final week brings the 6 weeks together in a fun way by making a vision board and having a celebration. All the supplies will be provided for you to create a collage of your dreams and ideas. Everyone will share theirs and be congratulated for expanding and launching their new manifestation dreams!

I announce this workshop and invite participation after the first of the year, when we often think about how we want the New Year to be different. Each class will guide you toward creating a vision for how you want your life to take shape. Learn the tools that have you manifesting miracles this year! It’s an exciting, fun, proactive way to create the life of your dreams!


Through out the year, IConnie Milligan LCSW Life Coach workshop at Centered in Lexington KY host  two hour Exploratory Workshops on the principals of change and self-development. I introduce new techniques to help people reach deeper and more profound levels of self-understanding and change.

The point being that we never stop growing and the journey of shedding the beliefs and actions that hold us back can be fun and illuminating!

These classes are available at various locations. Look for upcoming events in the services tab.

Some of the topics have included:

  • Claiming Your Inner Wisdom – The rhythm & lessons of positive and negative events
  • Working With Your Energy – You are what is coming into your life
  • The Power Of All That Is Around You – Claim what you like, change what you don’t
  • Manifestation Review -  Celebrate Your Accomplishments
  • Your Connection To The Spiritual Realm – Your gifts and the tools to enhance it

RELAUNCH” Make Your Transformation Happen!  

In the fall, I offer a two-day workshop over a weekend for 3 hours each day. It’s designed to allow you to consider what wants to change – at the deepest level. It helps you “Relaunch” your life.


Are you wanting a relationship or career change, or simply to launch yourself in a new way? This two-part series offers lessons to make it happen. Even if you aren’t sure what’s next, knowing you’re done with old patterns is a good place to start. Even knowing that you want to feel different will help you launch your transformation.

The first day focuses on identifying and clearing out what no longer serves you. You’ll examine how your current situation effects your mind, body and spirit and explore your soul’s perspective of your full potential, so you can raise your expectations. At the end of day one you will be given all the supplies you need to create a cleansing and purification ritual to conduct at home.

In summary on day one you’ll learn the following things:

  • Identify what needs to change
  • Recognize its impact on your Internal Guidance System
  • Discover your soul’s perspective
  • Raise your expectations
  • Create a clearing ritual (done at home)


This is a powerful change ceremony I learned in Ghana, as rituals are included in all spiritual and indigenous practices to mark a transformation of one state of mind into another. It will help you clear out old patterns, so you’ll be energetically ready to relaunch your new plans!


To “Relaunch” you want to enhance your strengths and clarify what your soul wants so you can move ahead with clear intention. Once you have a vision of where you’re going, you’ll identify your co-creators and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to bring it in – all before identifying your action steps.

In summary on day two you’ll learn how to”

  • Enhance your strengths
  • Create a vision and step in
  • Identify your co-creators
  • Plant seeds of attraction
  • Launch action steps

This workshop helps you relaunch your life by working with your instincts and clarifying what will serve your greatest good, so you can create real internal and external change. It’s a fast way to make needed changes to move out of one phase of life into the one that you know will make you much happier. And It’s a fun exploratory journey!

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