Workshops And Training

I love conducting workshops. I love training.

They have always been an integral part of my work. I think a learning experience is more personally powerful and expansive when we are exposed to each other’s responses. For this reason, I host workshops on various topics throughout the year.

My passion is to continue learning and exploring this material. Workshops are an ideal way to create discovery – we learn together. This material is rich with profound information so these training workshops are the perfect vehicle to create deep dives into soul satisfying and life changing experiences.

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“SPREAD YOUR WINGS  A Course on Manifestation:

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After the first of the year, I host my 4-week “Spread Your Wings – Give Your Dreams Flight course on the principals of manifestation. It provides  instruction on how to step into your full potential, creating life changes that you may be seeking. This interactive workshop gives people tools to assess where they are in their life and where they want to go. It  generates a powerful  change process.

The more you imagine and clarify your direction, the more you give yourself the internal fuel and guidance to take those steps into a new reality. I announce this workshop and invite participation after the first of the year, when we often think about how we want the New Year to be different. It’s a proactive way to recreate your reality.

The Four Two Hour Classes Are:

  • Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – change and channel them
  • Your Internal Guidance System – align it, read it and trust it
  • Find Your Wisdom Perspective – release old patterns and create new ones
  • Create Your New Reality  – create a vision of your potential and step in


Through out the year, IConnie Milligan LCSW Life Coach workshop at Centered in Lexington KY host  two hour Exploratory Workshops on the principals of change and self-development. I introduce new techniques to help people reach deeper and more profound levels of self-understanding and change.

The point being that we never stop growing and the journey of shedding the beliefs and actions that hold us back can be fun and illuminating!

These classes are available at various locations. Look for upcoming events in the services tab.

Some of the topics have included:

  •  Claiming Your Inner Wisdom – the rhythm & lessons of positive and negative events
  •  Working With Your Energy – you are what is coming into your life
  •  The Power Of All That Is Around You – claim what you like, change what you don’t
  •  Creating Collaboration Between Your Soul and Ego – finding balance
  •  Your Connection To The Spiritual Realm – your gifts and the tools to enhance it

STARTING OVER” Relaunch Your Life In Any Area!  

starting over picIn the fall I offer this series: If you want to “START OVERin some aspect of your life, Fall is a perfect time to let go of what is no longer serving you so something new can arrive. Looking for a relationship or career change, or simply to launch yourself in a new way? This two part series offers lessons to make it happen. Even if you aren’t sure what’s next, knowing you’re done with old patterns is a good place to start.

This course helps prepare you to start over by becoming clear on what your soul wants so you can move ahead. By working with your instincts and clarifying what will serve your greatest good, you can create real internal and external change. Both two hour classes are recommended.

Class One:

  • What needs to fall away?
  • Impact on your Internal Guidance System
  • Clear out the blocks
  • Discover your soul’s perspective
  • Raise the bar of your expectations

 Class Two: 

  • Enhance your strengths
  • Identify your co-creators  
  • Create a vision and step in
  • Plant seeds of attraction
  • Launch action steps

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