I love conducting workshops. They have always been an integral part of my work.
I think a learning experience is more personally powerful and expansive when we are exposed to each other’s learning process – it helps us stretch and grow too. For this reason, I host life coaching workshops on various topics throughout the year.

My passion is to share my learning and exploration of the material that is embedded in the ancient energetic laws of the universe called the Hermetic Principles. They are like a treasure map that guides us to achieve everything we seek in work, love, friendships, family and our environment. I have spent years developing and improving on techniques that bring this material alive, so we may all benefit from its wisdom!

I believe life coaching workshops are an ideal way to create a discovery process that takes you to places you haven’t been before. Because we learn together, there is often something someone else is recognizing that is helpful for you too. Everyone expands. This material is rich with profound information, so these training workshops are the perfect vehicle to create deep dives into soul satisfying and life changing experiences.

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Each of the following life coaching workshops offer a different way of learning how to you create the life you want~ They bring the ancient wisdom traditions alive, so you can make them part of your daily life~

For more information on each transformational life coaching workshop offering, click on the links below:


A six-week course is offered the first of the year to help you learn how to create and master manifesting miracles! It’s designed to get your New Year off in ways you want.

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RELAUNCH Make Your Transformation Happen!

A two-day workshop that helps you clear out what no longer serves you and enables you to relaunch your life around principles that serve your greatest good!

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In two-hour self-discovery workshops, conducted throughout the year, I’ll review the principals of transformation and help you reach a deeper level of self-knowledge.

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