Exploratory WorkshopThroughout the year, I host two-hour Exploratory Self-Discovery Workshops, to review the principals of change and self-development. In them I introduce key laws from the ancient wisdom traditions of the Hermetic Principles and explore new techniques to help you reach deeper and more profound levels of self-understanding. They offer opportunities to do your own exploration and self-examination from helpful perspectives and inspire you to make decisions about how you want to change your life.

The point is we never stop growing and the journey of shedding the beliefs and actions that hold you back can be fun and illuminating! These self-discovery workshops help you embrace new ways of perceiving yourself and the world to help you launch a happier life.

These self-discovery workshops are available at various times and locations. Look for upcoming events in my newsletter and sign up! This way you’ll get advanced notice and be able to plan in advance.

Some of the topics have included:

Claim Your Inner Wisdom
The Law of Polarity – shows you how to use negative events to clarify what you really want. It’s wisdom perspective helps you decide what’s best for you,

Working With Your Energy
The Law of Vibration and Law of Attraction (it’s subset) – shows you how to recognize and use your energy to attract (or block) what you say you want.

The Power Of All That Is Around You –
The Law of Correspondence – helps you understand the influence of everything around you so you can claim what you like and change what you don’t

Creating Collaboration Between Your Soul and Ego –
Your soul knows your truth, your ego helps it come into being. Learn your unique relationship between them and find the balance between the two.

Your Connection To The Spiritual Realm –
How aware are you of your spiritual gifts and your connection to your guides? Identify yours and learn techniques to interpret the messages they give you.

Manifestation Review
This year end review identified the elements of manifestation you’ve created, your direction of change and what is needed to bring in the life of your dreams.

If you want to enhance your personal development, the self-discovery workshops are an easy and fun way to supplement your individual exploration and growth. You’ll be with a group of other interesting, likeminded people who can support you on your path.