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 I’ve mentioned our nonprofit before but have never fully described it. Let me take a moment to make a PSA about GreenRoom Exchange – our beautiful new website just went live and we are having our “Celebrate the Creative” fundraiser. Though GreenRoom Exchange, Lee and I dovetail our respective interests and values into a mutual endeavor. It has been humbling to watch what has unfolded.

Through GreenRoom Exchange, we bring international musicians and artists to our community. It’s a window on the world that cultivates appreciation for different cultures and their traditions, illustrating that we are more alike than different. It gives Lee a chance to experience and collaborate with world musicians, expanding his knowledge and skills. And it honors my career focus of creating transformational experiences, while enhancing my understanding of different cultural traditions, especially related to spiritual practice. For both of us, we love travel and vowed we’d see the world through the eyes of those that live there, not as a tourist. It has brought us more joy and amazing experiences than we thought possible.

At the heart of GreenRoom Exchange is our love of hospitality. We love hosting parties and events that bring people together. So, this venture grew out of years of hosting music events with people from different countries. We have made wonderful friends and now through the non-profit, we are able to do more. Our goal is to highlight the talent of artists from other cultures and foster appreciation of different traditions through the universal language of music and art. Eventually we want to facilitate people going to other countries to experience what we have seen firsthand.

To see more, check out what we are doing on

  • our website:
  • See our “Celebrate The Creative” fundraiser and auction of creative experiences that will foster more live and online events

Next weekend, we will highlight videos made by our international friends on the GreenRoom Exchange Facebook page. Please join us – your interest is greatly appreciated!

Photo – GreenRoom Exchange event with Gideon Alorwoyie and Afrikania

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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