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We’re a week into welcoming and launching 2018. One thing for sure, the new year offers an opportunity to begin a personal transformation journey. Are you considering it for yourself? What would that mean and how would you do it?

We have so many choices. Do you really want to keep everything the same? Could this be the time when you embrace the prospect of making your life what you want?  Why not consider your options and look for new ways to move forward? You have as many possibilities as you’re willing to consider!

So how do you embark on a personal transformation journey? Let me share my thoughts and experience and invite you to consider them for yourself. If you come up with something different, good for you. As you’ll see, trusting yourself is key to getting started.

Do A Self Inventory – Are You Really Happy?

When asked the question, “are you happy?”, what immediately comes to mind? Now drop a little deeper into yourself and ask again.  Take the filters off your thoughts, no one knows but you, and ask yourself to respond honestly.

So often we settle, we think that we’re supposed to be happy with the standard things (education, 9-5 job, relationship, car etc.) and maybe it’s not working for you. Give yourself a chance to pay attention to your truth.

At 25 I woke up and realized all the stuff that was supposed to make me happy wasn’t …. I began a personal transformation soon after.

How Does Your Reality Compare To Your Dream – What’s Missing?

Is your reality what you really had in mind for yourself? Do you have dreams or aspirations that you’ve let go of over the years? Maybe you have a sense that your life should have more meaning and purpose? It was the latter category that urged me to begin examining my reality.

No one would have known by looking at me or my life from the outside – it all looked fine. But inside I knew something was missing. There was an internal urge to make a difference and do something significant. The truth was I was drifting. I had the feeling that if I didn’t make a change soon I’d be stuck.

Look inside yourself and ask “is there more to life than this?” Your higher self knows what’s missing.

Start by paying attention to your Higher Self, the voice inside that tells you the truth.  

Trust Your Instincts In Your Search – What Ever Comes Up Is Correct

When contemplating what needs to change, start by noticing what resonates with your sense of self and what doesn’t. Examine the different facets of your life. Look at your internal self – are you holding yourself to your highest standards? Look at yourself externally – are you who you want to be, doing what’s important to you?

Learning to trust yourself is essential.  Your instincts are your best guide, not your family or friends. What you hear from your higher self is correct.

Then notice, as you consider making a change, the way things start to line up for you. You may find yourself having a conversation with someone who talks about exactly what you’re considering. You may suddenly see a book that points you in the right direction – a road sign. All these serendipitous things indicate your higher self is guiding you. It’s a sign you’re on the right path.

Learn to tune in to your instincts so you know what is true for you.

What Bold Step Would Symbolize You’re Making A Change?

When you notice that something needs to change, you are deciding to bring yourself into alignment. What would be the most significant thing you could do that signifies you’re launching yourself in a new direction?

Think of your options, what needs to happen:  Go back to school, learn something new, change some aspect of your life, focus on self-improvement, move, make a decision about your behavior? I did all that over a few years and completely changed the direction of my life. The rewards were immediately satisfying!

Consider the action you can take that’ll launch you in a better direction – then take it!

Recognizing that your life needs to change and deciding to launch a personal transformation has intrinsic reward. You learn to trust your instincts, monitor yourself, and foster exploration and growth so you consistently move toward being your best. It begins a lifelong process of growth!

You can start this process by taking these simple steps: 1) Do an inventory of your degree of happiness, 2) Be honest about what needs to change, 3) Trust your instincts to point you in the right direction, 4) Take bold action that symbolizes starting a personal transformation journey. These changes will guarantee that you get steered in a better direction. I’ve used this process at several different phases of my life and each time made soul satisfying changes that brought new insight and joy.  See if it doesn’t’ work for you!

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com