Build a Bridge to Your Future with Connie Milligan LCSW and Life Coach - Lexington KY

Marissa Bradley, Marketing Maven, Lamar Advertising
“I felt very comfortable working with Connie during our sessions. She is open-minded, authentic, and an impeccable listener. She picks up the subtleties and nuances in me that countless others have missed for years. Connie is truly a guru-not attempting to impose specific instruction on me, but rather facilitated me to explore my own path of understanding.  She was the first person to tell me that my way of thinking wasn’t ” wrong”  She told me that my thoughts were just my own and to not allow others’ views to obscure my own.  I was able to let of the guilt, shame, and remorse that I’ve carried judging myself on other people’s religious and social belief systems. She has helped me to create my own value system. I am no longer stuck living someone else’s expectation of me and I can be fully present in my own experiences.

Unlike traditional therapy, Connie brings more than just textbook methodology. She has a holistic approach for treating a person spiritually, emotionally, and metaphysically. I am better for knowing her. Thank you Connie for inspiring me to become the best version of me.”

Janis Hinds Flynn, LCSW,  Consultant, Younique Corporation

There is something magical that occurs when like minded beings are brought together in a variety of settings. It’s hard to explain, you really have to be there. Kismet, enchanting, magical, inspiring, thought provoking, lovingness, exciting , peacefulness, soul searching… all this and more occurred during my time with Connie Milligan and group members who attended ‘Spread Your Wings – Manifesting Our Full Potential.’ It was truly a phenomenal experience.

I loved how the sessions were presented in such a way to stimulate discussion and a sharing of life experiences among group members. The meditations were so very calming. And the various activities woven into our sessions helped make the connections for me. I loved creating a vision board and the labyrinth full moon walk was simply awesome.

My very best wishes for you and Spectrum Transformation Services to flourish. Thank you so much for your encouragement, guidance, and belief that we all have the capacity to make life transformations. I look forward to continuing with you as I learn and grow. EMDR Recertification, sharing my love of labyrinths, and building my Younique cosmetic company… Couldn’t have figured it out without you!”

Dr. Laurence H. Kant,  Historian of Religion
“What matters most in life is not always easily describable. For that reason, I can’t specify precisely what happened in Connie’s classes, but I can say that her Manifestation workshops helped make an enormous difference in my life.

I was struggling, somewhat stagnant, frustrated, and lethargic. I had just gone through six years of hell and was exhausted. In concert with other healing modalities, something happened in the classes that energized me, helped give me strength to make a major shift. Since then, I’ve thrown out boxes and boxes of books, journals, magazines, and other items. I’ve gotten rid of some of the weight that blocked me and held me back. I’m a teacher, a writer, and a scholar, so it’s not easy to release objects that felt intrinsic to my life.

Now I feel lighter and ready to start engaging the world again. I’m moving. There’s also something about Connie and her exercises that helped me integrate many diverse components of my life. Partly because of that, I have a greater feeling of wholeness and sense that things are coming together for me. Connie is an action person, a person who cares about accomplishment, and she encouraged me to take action, too. She’s a person who believes in making concrete what some of us only dream about. She’s committed to accomplishment and helps others accomplish the things that will add meaning to their lives. She’s helped me and others focus their internal resources to formulate new goals and step into their life purpose.”

Allison Kerr, Founder, BiblioRemedy
“A rather serendipitous encounter led me to Connie’s coaching services. I had recently quit my job, and wasn’t sure what was next. I decided to be open to whatever the universe brought me. Connie and I recognized each other at a local restaurant, chatted a bit, and she gave me her card. A few weeks later, I called her and made an appointment.

From the first session, I was really comfortable with Connie. While we also dealt with some personal issues, her request that I create a vision board brought everything back to my professional life, and what I wanted to do. I had never made a vision board, but over the course of a couple of weeks, Connie and I worked with what I had created. She was able to home in on the points I needed to focus on. I would add to the board between sessions. Then, kismet: The proverbial stars aligned, and I knew what I wanted to do as a career. I’m proud to say that I’m launching my own company in the fall of 2015.

Without Connie’s help and guidance, I would still be spinning my wheels, not knowing how to use my talents and gifts. I highly recommend her services. She is a gem.”

Raymond Papka, PhD. Retired Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology
“I have been a participant in multi –person work sessions (workshops) led by Connie Milligan of Spectrum Transformation Services, LLC. In all the sessions there have been a very comfortable and collaborative atmosphere with open and inspiring discussion. The sessions have been quite useful to me in opening myself up to reflections and seeding pathways and guidance for moving ahead in my future. I found the group sessions to be particularly helpful through the sharing process with others who are inspired to chart ways to improve their lives. Moreover, Connie shows personal interest in each person and their efforts at spiritual transformation.”

Faye Carbary, Lexington, KY
“One day as I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed, I happened upon one of Connie’s posts called Notes on Transformation. Her words struck a cord in me and I immediately knew she was the person my spirit needed to connect with. She has a remarkable calm about her, and upon our first session, I felt completely at ease. I was at a low point in my life and felt ‘stuck.’

Connie was so encouraging and supportive of my (what I thought were lame) ideas/dreams. She was able help me to see that my ideas and dreams were not lame at all, but very special and worthwhile. I felt such “lightness” after each session. I can honestly say that she helped me in ways that I still cannot fully understand. How she was able to reach into my soul and pull out things I didn’t even know were there, tormenting me, holding me back, is a mystery. Mystery is good ~ and I thank you so much for being you, Connie Milligan. It is wonderful to know you!”

Kelly Gunning, M.A., Director of Advocacy and Public Affairs, NAMI Lexington
” If you ever get the chance to work with Connie Milligan – take it from me…You will want to seize that fortuitous opportunity! Make no mistake, it will not be an accident that you are placed in position to do so. I have worked with Connie for many years, on many projects involving the evolution of our mental healthcare delivery system, I have also worked first hand with her as we helped individuals and families navigate through deep rivers of despair and disillusionment – both personal and systemic.

If there was a Grace Kelly of mental health professionals, Connie would be her. She is beautiful inside and out and one of the kindest and empathic individuals I have ever known. A true collaborator and excavator of deep truths – you will never feel misunderstood or alone in your work with her. Upon meeting Connie the first thing you will likely experience is her quiet grace and emotional accessibility and ‘Spiritual presence’. I just know she is an angel!

If you are looking for your deepest truth, wanting to tap in to your Soul Self or just feel the need for understanding and peaceful presence…like I said – seize the chance!”

Ray Sabbatine, MA,  Former Lexington KY Jailer and National Corrections Consultant
“Connie and I gave birth to one of the Nation’s most innovative and successful jail suicide prevention programs. Under Connie’s leadership and management skills, she turned the Kentucky Mental Health Crisis Network from a dream into a reality. Hundreds of inmates “live today” as a result of Connie Milligan’s dedication and leadership abilities.


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