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With the shutdown changing our lifestyle and a new pup to care for,  I’m noticing we have an opportunity to rediscover the obvious – our true nature. This has become apparent watching the instinct driven explorations of  Bodhi, my 3.5 month old puppy. It’s making me aware that we too have basic traits that define the truth of who we are. Let me explain.

Right now, Bodhi has discovered his nose and a whole new world has opened up. The earth smells good, it can be dug, rolled in and eaten, along with all manner of plants and bark. He’s learned he loves to meet people – despite them walking 6 feet away and he badly wants to meet their dogs. He likes the rain, wet grass and bushes and happily comes back inside soaking wet. He’s attached to me, likes being cuddled and lays contentedly at my feet while I work. He’s discovering and claiming his dog nature.

How can this time of isolation be an opportunity to rediscover the obvious aspects of your true nature? Let me share what’s surfacing as I watch my pup discover who he is.

Connect To The Natural World

Bodhi loves being outside. He likes to watch, listen, sniff, dig, eat and explore. He doesn’t care about the weather- he accepts whatever it is. He loves romping in the park and wants to smell, taste and chew everything. He’s claiming his turf and delightedly knows when we are close to home.

I wonder if this is hard wired in all of us. I love being outside too. I love to watch, look at the sky, smell the earth, especially after a rain. I am reclaiming vegetable gardening, after not doing it for years. Trees are important, like favorite people, who I have long term relationships with. My home turf is my slice of paradise that I adore.

Is this time of quiet helping you recognize the need to reconnect to the earth and take your relationship to the natural world more seriously? 

Introvert, Extrovert or Both

I’ve watch Bodhi take to people, anyone who shows an interest in him. He remembers everyone he’s met, recognizes their voice before he sees them and is bouncy and excited to see them again. He also likes being alone and quiet. He can do that for long stretches without needing attention. He seems to be both extroverted and introverted. I was a very introverted child. It was a long time before I developed the skills to easily be extroverted. Like Bodhi, I think I’m both.

The conditions we’re all in “staying safe at home” is bringing us into awareness of our introverted and extroverted nature. Some people are climbing the walls, others are happy with the slower pace and solitude. We are having to face ourselves and accommodate the change.

What you are learning about your introverted or extroverted nature and understand what it means you need.

Know What’s Important

I’m watching Bodhi define what’s important. He likes a schedule, with his food on time – standing in front of his bowl, big eyes saying its time. He loves to play, nap, play and socialize some more, while observing our every move. He’s connected, having apparently defined his job as attending to us. All his instincts help him know what’s essential without being shown a thing. Amazing.

I’m aware I have to be productive. I like having a schedule and want it to be meaningful. Thankfully, I can do most of my work at home. I’m connected too and very grateful Lee is with me and I can Zoom with friends and fam or see them in the park. I like the solitude, but I’m happier connected to those I love.

What are you noticing about yourself? What is your nature telling you need?   

Conquering Fear

I watched a bigger dog make a snapping power move to dominate Bodhi and he ran, yelping loudly with fear. His happy, lively demeanor instantly changed into cowering insecurity. It was crushing to see – being a graphic display of how a fearful experience can instantly change us.

Then I watched what he did to reclaim his nature. He watched the big dog until he knew he was safe and returned to what he loved. Sniffing, playing and rolling around. He soon was fine but kept his eye on the big dog. Smart.

He tried to climb upstairs and got halfway up and called for help. He wasn’t sure he’d make it all the way. He’s cautious and knows what he can’t do. Also smart.

From watching Bodhi , I see fear is normal and we can choose how we handle it. If we trust our nature, we’ll pay attention to danger, back away and ask for help.  

While confined to our homes, we have an opportunity to rediscover the obvious things about our true nature. My pup is showing me this while he discovers his dog nature. I’ve noticed the importance of our relationship to the natural world. It’s likely hard wired, if we pay attention to it. We are introverted, extroverted or both – how is that playing out for you now? We have things that are important to us and our sense of self that are likely becoming more clearly defined. And then there is our relationship to fear and how we conquer it, so it doesn’t conquer us.

What are you rediscovering about yourself in this time of social isolation? If there is anything you’d like to explore or figure out, reach out. I’m working online, using my Transformation Coaching and Counseling skills to help people develop a  clearer sense of themselves with more positive direction. Go to www.spectrumtransformation.com and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I can help you too.


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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com