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When my husband received recognition for his music at the Lexington Music Awards,  I realized that this is something we all want. In varying degrees, all anyone ever seeks is simple recognition for who they are and what they do.  Most people don’t care about an award, but they sure would like to be recognized.

Lee is lucky in that he has been devoted to his music most of his life, playing professionally when younger and returning to it with renewed passion later in life. It has always been how he’s defined himself, even more than his business, and it’s given him a stage for recognition. Not everyone has that clear identity or the platform on which to be recognized.

My upcoming workshop, the Manifestation Master Class 2020 on Feb 8th,  offers a template to clearly and purposefully identify what you want to put into the world. It will help you understand how to use the 7 Laws of the Universe that guide transformation and manifestation.  It will show how the stronger and clearer your intention, the more you create an identity that brings you recognition.

Manifestation Master Class

While many people seek solutions to problems in their life, I recommend seeking what gives life meaning, purpose and identity. How do you want to be known, what do you want to put into the world and for what do you want to be remembered?

Here is synopsis of the first three lessons I’ll review in my workshop – they lay the foundation for how you will be recognized:


Everything starts with an idea – everything! What is important to you, what holds value, meaning and purpose? When you start with that as your leading card, you will be aligning your thoughts and the following actions with something that is coming from deep inside you. From there, everything you do brings recognition to that thought. This is the first Law of Mentalism.

I listen as Lee creates music on his piano. It starts with the African and Latin rhythms he loves that have influenced jazz and big band sounds. The idea he wants to communicate is how we are interconnected through the dialog of rhythm across continents. That idea drives everything he does with his bands C The Beat and Ethos, and is what brought him recognition for the Best Jazz/Latin/Big Band/World Music award.


When you seek something that has meaning to you, you are aligning yourself with something bigger than yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is – clarify what its purpose is for you. Even the smallest of things have meaning and purpose. Doing your best, so it will serve someone or something, enhances the greater good of those around you. We are all interconnected and influence everything around us. This is the 2nd Law of Correspondence.

The music Lee plays is part of a bigger picture endeavor that is being communicated through our non-profit (GreenRoom Exchange) that seeks to illustrate the positive benefit of being receptive and open to what we can learn from people from other countries. Cultural and ethnic awareness and sensitivity is more easily understood though the universal language of music. Creating this bridge makes our world more compassionate, enlightened and aware.


When you do something you love, you enjoy it. You radiate that joy and are a conduit for others to experience what you are feeling. Follow your bliss, use your innate talents and you will add power and intensity to everything you do. You become a vibrational magnet to others who share the same interests and feelings as you as in “like attracts like”. This is how the 3rd Law of Vibration works.

Now I realize that I have been on a steady track most of my career to communicate a message about the importance of social justice, reducing prejudice and seeing people’s intrinsic worth. I want to help people learn to be their best, to stand in their power and to appreciate one another for their unique gifts. All of these elements come together in the non-profit work Lee and I do, and in my coaching/therapy workshops and individual work. It makes me a strong, passionate conduit for the ideas and values I want to put into the world.

When all three of these things – your ideas, your connection to something greater than you and your powerful feelings come together – you are connecting mind, soul and body. You are powerful! You are standing in the truth of who you are. This is who and what will be recognized. It makes a very strong statement – one deserving and worthy of recognition!

Does the thought of recognition for who and what you are make you excited? It’s possible – anyone can make this happen for themselves.  If you’d like more information on how to create that internal alignment – join my Manifestation Master Class on Feb 8th  at Centered. The early bird registration pricing goes up next week. Sign up now and learn how to create internal alignment that brings you the recognition you deserve and would love to have. You can find more information and the registration link at the facebook event Manifestation Master Class 2020 or call Centered 859-721-1481. I’d love to include you!  Manifestation Master Class

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com