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Here’s how the power of a different perspective helped me. Several weather-related mishaps stranded me in the ATL airport for 8 hours waiting for a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica . “Oh no”, some would say, but honestly, it was fine. I ran into friends in the same dilemma, I caught up on work and I was able to relax. Not bad at all.

I’m going to Costa Rica to attend a Transformational Presence Leadership Gathering. We’ll be emerged in an experiential process to discover new perspectives to learn at a deeper level. I expect tuning into this new environment, with new people, asking open ended questions will expand my understanding of things.

I love discovering new perspectives – it’s exhilarating and life altering. It’s helped me realize we are often trapped in patterns of own making. In truth everything can turn on a dime when you consider a different perspective.

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In the meantime, here are some thoughts on the art of discovering new perspectives – see if they work for you:


We are exposed to so many different ideas and differing opinions yet cling to the ones we believe, as if for dear life. But where did they come from and why do we do this? Think of all the viewpoints that are held by your family, friends, neighbors, work environments, spiritual and civic communities, city, state, and nation. Are you clustered within a tribe of likeminded people, gathering them around as if for protection?  When you do, to be different is always noticed and sometimes risky.

It’s helpful to realize that our perspectives are a product of social conditioning by those we are around the most, where we live and by our experiences. To see things differently takes a conscientious decision to open yourself to other people, situations, experiences and the perspectives they hold. It fosters growth.

To change perspectives means stepping out of your familiar comfort zone to grow.


What I love about travel is the opportunity to be exposed to other ways of thinking, living, and being. It’s the ultimate jump start to expand your perspectives. I discover everywhere I go that people are equally passionate and convicted in their beliefs and ways as we are, yet their lifestyle is often very different. I’m always humbled by this.

I’ve just arrived in Costa Rica and am immediately struck by how people are kind, helpful and open to welcoming others to their country and lifestyle. They love and honor their beautiful environment and consequently take action to protect and support what they love. They are excited to share their country with you. You can feel the difference immediately.

Exposure to other cultures and environments helps you expand your views.


Often, the contrast of  a different experience compared to what you know can prompt an ah ha moment. The law of polarity guides this process. When you are exposed to something that’s different, it makes you stop and consider how it relates to your life.

Your first reaction is often telling – do you recoil and seek the comfort of the familiar or immediately let curiosity open you to further exploration? I’m in the latter category. The newness is exciting and challenging. It stretches me. And it makes me consider what wants to be different in my life or how I can help others learn from it too.

Let a new experience give you information about how you want to grow and expand.


So maybe travel isn’t available to you right now, you can still be stretched by new perspectives. Pay attention, listen and watch those around you who are different, and simply notice. What can you learn? Let the understanding float in without censor or judgment. Simply notice with acceptance. What are you being shown?

Equally powerful is how meditation, quiet, stillness or simply being in nature allows new perspectives to bubble to the surface of your consciousness. This is your wise mind, your soul, your unconscious drifting in. When you open yourself to receive and allow, a new and often needed mind set will suddenly appear. And if you ask to be shown what you need to know to grow, to solve a current problem or make a change, you will be given exactly the information you are seeking. It’s the most profound way to deepen and expand your self-knowledge.

Flashes of insight and profound new understanding can occur suddenly by simply noticing, being still and asking to be shown.

If you are feeling stuck in your current situation, know a change is needed, or you simply want to grow, consider finding new perspectives. Recognize the limitations of your current situation – it’s familiar and comfortable and yet may not offer the expansive opportunity you seek. Open yourself to something new by exploring where you are or going someplace new to stretch yourself. Allow yourself to expand by noticing those who are different or search in the quiet of your own mind and in nature. Self-growth is always possible when you are open to the opportunity that is around you.

Do you want to explore this further? I highly recommend the Manifestation Master Class on Feb 9th at Centered, because it gives you a framework for understanding your uniqueness so you can grow in any direction. Learn to challenge and expand your perceptions of yourself and the world. It’s an exciting way to create self-growth. For more information follow this link: Manifestation Master Class .

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Photo – The hills above Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com