I’m launching my Manifestation Course this week. The first lesson, on the Law of Mentalism, focuses on your thoughts. When you Inquire “Are my thoughts helpful” you’re launching powerful self-discovery questions to ask yourself. Let me explain why and how to do it.

Have you noticed that very successful people usually have confident and self-affirming thoughts? It may even seem that their sense of self is over-the-top at times. There is a reason for this.

For thousands of years, the ruling elite were well grounded in the Laws of the Universe which allowed them to be masters of themselves and whatever they created. They were and still are master creators, fully understanding the power of the Law of Mentalism. In fact, in the classic manifestation book “Think and Grow Rich” author Napoleon Hill reviews this premise.  It all starts with understanding and controlling your thoughts.

Here are questions you can ask yourself to explore and understand if your thoughts are helping you be your best?

Do I Think Positively About Myself?

What are your automatic thoughts about yourself? Do you support yourself with affirming beliefs that make you feel good?

It may seem trite and often is when you simply repeat a positive mantra that goes something like, “I’m a smart, capable person”, when you don’t believe it. Those kind of self-talk tricks are usually recommended to drown out your negative thoughts that are running in the background. And they usually don’t work.

To make positive thoughts really work for you, they must be your truth. It doesn’t work to think positively if you’re trying to override the real belief of “I’m not very smart or capable”. You must believe your thoughts.

To make your positive thoughts genuine, explore your strengths and find the positive thoughts that highlight the truth of who you are. These are the thoughts that can guide you.

Decide on the positive thoughts that reflect your strengths and let them lead you.

Do I Assume I Can Do Whatever I Want?

This is a big question – do you believe you can do whatever you want? Yes, you can, but most people don’t believe it. We’ve been drilled by our education system to stop dreaming and face reality.

In truth, the reality is you’ll only dream of doing what aligns with your strengths. Why would you even have the idea if it wasn’t something you could do?

So, go ahead and claim what you really want to do and give yourself the chance to explore it. You are having that dream for a reason. Often, it’s when you don’t follow your heart’s desire that life becomes stagnant and difficult.

Claim what you really want – it’s a reflection of who you are.

Do I Believe I Can Figure Anything Out?

If you assume you can do what you want, then it follows that you can figure it out. Usually what interferes with this belief is feeling overwhelmed when you’re faced with difficulties. When you think that something is too much for you to handle, you end up blocking yourself from figuring it out.

If you start with the idea that all the information you need is available, and all you have to do its find it, then you’re never stuck.  When you think positively, you will be surprised to find that there is always a way to figure things out.  Remember, you can always hire the expertise you don’t have.

Whatever you need is available somewhere – challenge yourself to find it.

Do I Believe That I Won’t Give Up?

If you know you can figure anything out, then there is no excuse to give up. Right?  It’s just a matter of time before everything you need, all the missing information or connections, come to you to bring in what you want.

Finally, staying positive and clear on the dream will bring the right things to you. Actually, the more positive you make all the former statements, the less likely you are to give up. You can always change your mind – that’s different.

Staying positive about yourself and your dream means you don’t consider giving up.

Don’t you love how all these positive questions build on each other. If you start at the top and keep adding each one to your repertoire, you’ll create a very powerful sense of self – knowing who you are and what you can do. You can become the master creator you have always wanted to be.

This is an example of what you will learn in my 6-week Manifestation Course which starts this Friday, January 19th. Each week you’ll explore the laws that governs manifestation. It’s not too late to sign up – see this link for more information and call Centered in Lexington KY at 859-7 S21-1841 if you’d like to attend. https://www.facebook.com/events/1667529323297830/.

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com