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Being in the “pause” made this a great time to get a puppy, but what’s been an interesting bonus are the timely lessons. My brother, a vet, texted; “LOL – oh, so you got a comfort pet”. Well yes, now that you mention it. But in the week we’ve had our pup, it’s turned out to be much more than that.

With our two dogs and two cats deceased, we have missed their special interactions and companionship.  We decided to get a dog, given we have time to bond and train. We found the dog of my dreams, a standard poodle, like the one I had as a child. I wasn’t expecting to learn from him, but that’s what’s happening.

Here’s what I’ve noticed since Bodhi, our bundle of joy, bounced into our life. See if your pets add this dimension to your life too.

Love Rules

Unconditional love abounds with a joyful pet. Dogs seems to specialize in this, giving so much love it doesn’t take long before you are reciprocating in full. It’s humbling to see how limitless and automatic the outpour of love is – repeated every time you are gone even for minutes.

This is the perfect example of the Law of Attraction. With Bodhi giving a full tail wagging and bouncy greeting to everyone he meets; he has a fan base already. We know how Law of Attraction works but, watch how easily your pet makes it work. They are pros, prompting an automatic response is to give what we receive from our pet. Don’t you think if we’d transfer this skill to our friends and loved ones it’d make a difference?

Trust Your Instincts

Watching  Bodhi’s automatic trust of people is interesting . Obviously, he’s not been given a reason to think otherwise. But he’s also using his instincts to assess a situation before bounding in.

I’ve noticed several patterns. A hearty enthusiastic hello, even from strangers, results in a full rush to close the gap (6 ft.) and get to know them. And then there’s the times he holds back in unknown situations, to observe for a bit, before deciding how he wants to join. He watches, listens, smells and senses before he acts. We would do well to take on these habits.

 Be In The Moment

Your pets specialize with being in the moment. There is no fear of the future,  no rumination about the past, no critical self-analysis. Every day is a new opportunity.

Bodhi is thrilled to learn something new every day. At 3 months, everything is an adventure of learning and being in the moment. Seeing his joy is contagious Rolling on the grass, letting him fall asleep in my lap, learning how to do basic dog things, coming to a call and being on a leash. It’s all fun, it’s all an adventure.  I remember – yes, learning is fun and being in the moment is a joy.

Routine Is Good

Bodhi learned his and my routine in one day. In the morning, he knows we get up early to feed him, let him out to play and then I exercise. On day two he was waiting in the living room to for me to start exercising and has repeated this every day since. Ok, no more slacking for me.

Bodhi’s routine is pretty simple – eat, play, pee, nap – repeat. It’s all instincts and he doesn’t mess with it and doesn’t want me to mess with it either. Accepting routine is a good thing, a basic from childhood, that we conveniently forget when given the chance. Keeping a routine now, in this time of uncertainty, helps keep us grounded and healthy. Let’s remember to be good to ourselves and do what we need to keep a schedule.

In the midst of unsettling times, my puppy is showing me the basic lessons of what’s important. Bodhi’s a role model for the Law of Attraction on how “loves rules”  showing us that the more you give, the more you get.  He’s reminding me to “trust our instincts” because they show us when we can bound into a situation and when to be cautious. He’s consistently “in the moment” reminding me of the joy it brings. And he knows that “routine is good” and helps me to keep mine as well. Are these helpful reminders for you too?

How are you doing with the basics? If you don’t have a pet and need some help to get these things back into your life, reach out. My Transformational Life Couching and Counseling is designed to help. You can learn more at www.spectrumtransformation.com and send me a message for a Free Consultation at my Contact link. I’d love to hear from you.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com