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Two years ago, when we had visitors from Amsterdam and realized that the Total Eclipse was coming through Kentucky in 2017, we decided to make an event out of it. The “Little Dutch Boys” (they’re very tall) said they would come back, my husband said he’d create a music production for it and our friends lined up to join in. Little did we know that we were manifesting something unexpectedly remarkable.
So many of our shared experiences are initiated by the typical events of sports, music, art, dinners, and parties. When we bond over natural events, it’s often random and traumatic like the hurricane and flooding in Houston. It’s rare to have a positive natural event that you can actually plan to share. We decided to take full advantage of it!
What I realized is that we followed the energetic laws and principles of manifestation to create a very special, unique experience. We also discovered we weren’t alone. Here are some the unexpected manifestations of the total eclipse.
Positivity Draws Like-Minded People Together
At a time when so many people are absorbed by the negativity swirling around us, the total eclipse was a positive magnet drawing people together. Many people traveled great distances to see it. We decided to go to Hopkinsville KY, the epicenter of the eclipse, where it would last the longest. It was also the birthplace of some of Lee’s long-term band friends.
We gathered at the beautiful country setting of the Casey Jones Distillery to camp, along with many others from a wide range of places across the US and abroad. In our group, we represented Netherlands, NYC, Boston, Nashville, numerous KY locations and met others from Texas, CA, FL, MN and England.
The Law of Vibration says “like attracts like” – we were aligned in our desire to share this positive natural event.
Create Clear Intentions
The intention around gathering for the eclipse included a year of planning. Lee wanted to host a special “Tin Can Buddha” musical production, bringing talented musicians in from all over. They wrote original music, read poetry, presented original art and played the aptly named “Don’t Stare At The Sun” event in Lexington and at the Distillery. They were stellar performances.
But they weren’t the only ones with clear intentions. In our group of twenty, we had people filming for a documentary of the eclipse, another for music videos, others prepping their cameras to take special photos (see headline photo) and many more organizing the infrastructure of accommodations, RVs, camping equipment, and food to support our gathering. This event was full of clear and specific intentions.
The Law of Mentalism says that everything that comes into being starts with an idea and intention – we had many around how to appreciate the eclipse.

Recognize your Co-Creators

Everything that is created involves a host of co-creators who help bring things into form. In this case it was a broad range of people from those in our city government that support and sponsor arts, musical technicians, the musicians, the people at the Distillery and all our friends who helped create a supportive environment for it to happen. Nothing happens in a vacuum. It takes the special talents of many people to bring things into being.
The Law of Correspondence says that when you have a clear intention, it resonates at all levels, gathering the right people together to make it happen.
Honor Being in The Right Place at the Right Time
When the eclipse began, we were transfixed by the changes all around us. The quality of the light changed, taking on the amber sepia tones of old photographs and twilight. The crickets and cicadas picked up their usual evening chorus and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. The color of the sky was like sunset all around with the sun right above. When we saw the sun blackened with only a silver ring around it, we were transported to a surreal place.
Everyone seemed to have a different experience. I became lightheaded and slightly nauseated, while also feeling very heavy and grounded. Others had a rush of energy that took them out, feeling chills all over their body. Some became fatigued before and after. At the moment of the total eclipse, lots of people exclaimed, howling and yelling in awe. Everything was still and dreamlike. From start to finish it lasted four hours.
The Law of Rhythm says that everything happens in its own perfect time – in this case, we witnessed the eclipse bring its own specific sequence of events.
The experience of the Total Eclipse was a lesson in the components involved in manifesting your desires. Our desire to make this event as special as possible was a year in the making. It involved many people to bring it to fruition and took everyone doing their part for it to be a magical, extraordinary experience. I extend a special thank you to all our friends for making it so memorable – indeed, it was remarkable!
Are you longing to manifest more of your desires? Often if means clearing out old patterns that no longer serve you and adopting new ones that bring in the things you truly long to experience. I’ll be conducting a workshop on “Relaunch- Make your Transformation Happen” on Oct 7 and 8. Stayed tuned for more information or go to my website and let me know if you’re interested. I’d love to hear from you.
Photo by Jennifer McLamb, Total Eclipse in Hopkinsville, KY 8-21-17

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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