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It’s been a time of interesting lessons on trust. As my husband, Lee, transitions out of his long-term career into something amorphous in the music business, I have been uneasy. With both of us so busy with our non-profit, I haven’t been developing my own work. “Where is all this going”, has been my anxious thought.

As I prepared my “Clear and Relaunch” workshop, I wondered about our own relaunch. Nothing like being a test case for your own material. I conducted the training on my 5 year anniversary of retiring and starting my own business. All my unmet ambitions were staring at me. With Lee’s ambiguous situation and mine creating tension, I concluded it was time to refocus and trust that everything was going to be fine.

In short time from the point of making that decision, I was shown the truth of that declaration. My workshop was wonderful, and Lee’s situation had a miraculous turn of events. Here’s what happened and what I realized.


When I expressed my concerns to Lee, he said he wasn’t worried at all and trusted that his music career would have new opportunity. “I don’t want your fear dragging me down, trust it’ll all work out” he said. I laughed; this is in fact what I teach from the ancient wisdom principles. It was the focal point of day one of my workshop. I got on board to embrace the concept of trust.

Before positive things can come in, you must believe in their possibility. The first half of the workshop was spent clearing out the old negative thoughts that tend to keep us stuck. It was stunning to recognize that everyone in the room had thoughts like “I’m not good enough, it’ll never happen, I can’t do it for xyz reason” that were blocking them. Nothing good can come out of that thinking.  You have to trust and believe that what you seek is possible.


When you clear out the doubt and blocking thoughts, focusing and clarifying  your thoughts on what you want, you become an energetic vortex to bring in what you seek. The more you amp up the positive feelings of excitement, joy and anticipation, the more you raise your energy to receive it. This is what we did on day two of the workshop. As people began visualizing and seeing their potential come into form, the energy soared.

I did this exercise too. I reconnected to my dreams and felt and saw their potential. Ahh yes, it makes such a difference. I also realized how thrilled Lee is to be making this change in his career. While it’s sad to say goodbye to old friends, which we did recently, the excitement for the new possibilities outweigh the loss. I was the one that was slow to understand this. Letting go of my fear was essential to embrace his positive potential.


When you are in transition and want to clear away doubt and stay focused on the positive, ask for signs that indicate that you are on the right path. This is one of  the concepts I teach in the “relaunch” part of the workshop. It is  a way to amplify the positive. As simple and hokey as it may sound, it is something everyone intuitively does. I advocate making a conscious practice of it.

I practice what I teach. I asked for signs that Lee’s situation would turn out well. I often receive feathers as a positive response to my inquiry. I didn’t see any on my usual walk, but when I got into a friend’s car, there were half a dozen or more feathers from huge to small. I laughed realizing that my question was positively being answered. In class, many stories were told by participants asking and receiving signs that came in the form of hawks, information, butterflies, trees, and nymphs. Yes, the universe hears us and responds.


One of the concluding concepts I teach in the workshop is that when you stay focused on the positive and allow yourself to relax into the full potential of possibility, you’ll likely be surprised. There will be unexpected meetings, surprising information, and unforeseen opportunities that will pop up seemingly out of nowhere.

Nothing illustrates this better than what happened for Lee. The week of the workshop, a few days after I received the avalanche of positive signs, Lee had a call asking him to play with Tyler Childers on part of his current tour. Wow, there it was, a wonderful new and exciting possibility. He was thrilled and I was given my lesson on trust. Everything about his experience playing with Tyler on three of his shows was the affirmation he wanted, and what I needed to see.

Having trust that positive change can and will happen is the beginning point for any transformation you seek. I certainly received the lesson loud and clear. In my class, clearing the doubt and blocking thoughts allowed everyone to experience the positive potential they seek, making everyone a believer too. The workshop may be one of the best I have done, with many profound awareness surfacing for everyone involved. Lee can say he had more fun than ever expected in those concerts and I can say, I am feeling renewed and grateful for this lesson!

Is lack of trust an issue that blocks you from seeking what you want? My training, coaching and therapy includes techniques that will help you release it and replace it with new belief in your positive potential. See my website for more information and reach out using my Free Consultation link if you’d like to explore this further. I’d love to hear from you!

Photo: Tyler Childers with Lee Carroll at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago by Rachel Keller

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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