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The words Truth, Purpose and Meaning came to me in meditation. It usually takes me a minute to figure out what I’m supposed to “get” when this happens, but this time it was fairly obvious. I was asked to do a podcast earlier in the week, with a focus on what inspired me to create my business. The stories go back to early childhood and carry all the themes I work with today. Embedded in this is my life’s truth, purpose and meaning. Then later, going to see works by Picasso in Louisville, I again recognized the power of these words embedded in his art.

While living in a hut where the jungle meets the sea in Mindanao, Philippines as a young child, I was enchanted by the sweet people and their idyllic lifestyle.  Yet we encountered violence and death threats that resulted in the failure of my father’s business, forcing us to flee the country. Over the next few years tragedy continued with the death of both my parents. I was sent to Alabama to live with my Aunt and Uncle. It was a dramatic change and I was bereft. Yet, one night a year later, I received a powerful message, much like I get in meditation, telling me, “You have been given a gift”.  I instantly realized the truth of this point.

Now, I recognize this event as a catalyst for my work to help create transformation. It has prompted me to help individuals and social justice systems discover the truth of their actions, which leads to defining purpose and meaning.

I found the same elements in a Louisville exhibit of Picasso’s work never seen in the US.* The drawings, paintings and pottery from his time in Antibes, France are unusually joyous and peaceful representations of life. Weaving element of mythology and symbolism into daily life, they are a testament to a relieved post war perspective that defies the poverty and darkness of the time.** They highlight the truth of his vision, his purpose to push the edges of creativity, thus creating something very meaningful.

How do the elements of truth, purpose and meaning intertwine to give substance to your life? See if these ideas speak to you?


I find it interesting that our idea of truth can change with perspective, information and experience. The Law of Polarity shows us that everything exists on a continuum between positive and negative forces and a healthy balanced view allows us to recognize both at once. We become stuck in extremes when we veer too far to one end or the other. In my work, I like creating exercises that challenge prevailing perspectives so we can tap into the neutral wisdom that allows a more complex understanding of both sides of an experience.

How do you get to your truth? I was happy living in the jungle next to the sea, despite the dangers. Picasso was joyous while living in poverty in Antibes, creating some of his most lovely art, without access to real art supplies. Our truth often comes forth in the midst of negatives.

How does your truth come to you – what’s the important essence of what you do and do you notice your joy despite the difficulty?


I often use the metaphor of a pearl to describe the process of discovering life’s purpose. By working through life’s difficulties, we can find our pearls of wisdom and purpose, much like a real pearl is created in response to the intrusion of sand in its shell. All experiences serve a purpose. While the pearls of my experiences have taken a while to fully appreciate and understand, they serve as the catalyst for discovering my life’s purpose.

Whether your sense of purpose is revealed slowly or in a flash, you know you are there when your innate talent is combined with a sense of joy and passion. It can be seen in Picasso’s work, which evolved over many decades, serving the purpose of shaping the definition of modern art.

When you combine your talents with passion, your life purpose is often revealed.


The more authenticity we bring to what we do, the more personal meaning it will have. The more originality and thought we put into our actions, the more it will have lasting meaning. Whether you like Picasso’s work or not, you can acknowledge how he was a master at creating original and meaningful work that continues to influence how we perceive art today.

How much meaning is embedded in what you do? Many work situations are stifled, requiring routinized, quantifiable involvement. It can suck a person dry. Finding meaning requires pushing yourself to be real and creative. I have done this, stepping out of existing paradigms, to develop new methods to help people realize personal transformation. It’s a thrill to find meaning doing what I love.

Heed the call to be challenged, find situations where you can grow and find meaning.

When I am given a message in meditation, I like to give it some thought. In this case, the words, “truth, purpose and meaning”, launched an examination of how they are interlinked to give life fullness. Each one begets the other, giving us pause to take what we do and why we are here more seriously. When you examine the truth of your experience, you may discover, as I did, that it all serves a purpose, giving meaning to your life. Likewise, Picasso original works convey his truth about perceptions of reality, serving a greater purpose to add meaning to how we view art today.

Do you have a clear sense of life’s truth, purpose and meaning? If not, my Transformational Life Coaching and Counseling is designed to help you explore and discover it. See www.spectrumtranformation.com for more information and reach out using my Free Consultation form. I‘d love to help you.

*References for the Picasso show at the Louisville KMAC –   https://www.kmacmuseum.org/antibes2lou

Painting – La Joie de Vivre, Pablo Picasso, 1946





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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
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