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soul expansion

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure what is happening around me is real. Life can be so rich and full that it over flows with abundance of all good things. That’s what my last week’s been like.

We just had 6 days of celebration with Afrikania, Gideon Alorwoyie’s drumming and dance troop who stayed with us while they performed in our area. This was an extension of our relationship with Gideon, the master percussionist who we went to Ghana with last summer.*  Through him we have been introduced to many new people and new ways of looking at the world. It’s been soul expanding.

What makes life a rich expansive experience? Here are some of the things that I realized made this week so special. See if any of these things speak to you.


Through our relationship with Gideon Alorwoyie, we have been introduced to many people from around the United States and Africa. In this case, 10 people came, a few we’ve met before and the rest were new. We have embraced all of them and welcomed them into our lives.

This is one of the most wonderful aspects to expansion of your soul and your life. An open armed embrace to what new people of all ages have to offer provides new windows into how you can look at life. There is sharing and learning that stretches the borders of your experience.

Being open to others allows your heart and mind to flow in new directions.


When you trust someone as a dear friend, it is a natural extension of that relationship to extend that confidence to those he/she considers to be trust worthy. It connects the dots and creates a web of interconnectedness that expands exponentially.

This openness is the foundation for personal growth. It communicates belief, love, hope, confidence – all the qualities that expand our heart – all the things we long for in our life.  I watched with wonder as our new friends openly shared who they are in delightful ways – because of the loving environment we created for them with our friends.

When we are placed in an open trusting environment – everyone expands.


We did fun things together every day – from going to hear and play music, to dancing and cooking together, to taking them to Keenland, our fabulous horserace track. We laughed, we played, we joked, we stayed up late and we bonded.

Joy is a universal language – it brings us close, it invites our expansion. It’s the glue that forms new relationships and new worlds of opportunity. Naturally, our new friends are looking for ways to get together again.

When we follow and share our joy, we create more joy –  it’s an ever-flowing river of soulful abundance.


There is a certain unquantifiable good will to giving without expectations. It feels good, it’s satisfying and it brings automatic reward. By opening doors, inviting people in, sharing in a loving trusting way, you are inviting reciprocity of the heart and mind.

This is how our soul expands. It’s through these expressions of love, trust, and shared joy that we discover who we are. It’s how we discover another person too.

Give and your heart opens – opening new opportunities with others as well.

There is a new world emerging based on trust, collaboration, openness and love. It starts with each of us. This week showed me how easy it is to create an expansive web of love based relationships that delights everyone who comes into it. This is how we expand our soul and live with greater abundance.

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*Gideon F. Alorwoyie  –   https://music.unt.edu/faculty-and-staff/gideon-alorwoyie

*Photo – Soul Expansion by Ute Posegga-Rudel


Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com