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Have you had a chance to recharge? The events swirling around us are leaving many people distressed. If you are aware of what is going on and have any consciousness, there is cause for concern. Taking a break, disconnecting from the chaos helps you reset and recharge.

I’ve had a week of peace and calm at Lake Sunapee, NH. No drama, no TV, limited news and social media contact, and full immersion in nature. Lots of canoeing, swimming, walks in the woods and looking at the clouds and light on the water. The relief was wonderful.

This came on the heels of taking a month writing break, my first in five years. I needed to get off that weekly treadmill too.

Here are some observations on what can happen with an intentional step out of life’s routine to recharge.


It is interesting to recognize that what I thought was so important can be seen with new eyes. I tend to lock things into a pattern and cement them into place. Of course, all this is arbitrary. But it takes some distance to see this truth.

Consider what you tell yourself you have to do. Notice the details: the time, the place, the frequency. Is it true that it must be that way? Are there ways you can adjust and make it less taxing and stressful for yourself? I realized that I can take breaks, and I can make things any way I want. How refreshing!


I had been carrying stress for months. Moving all my services to online platforms has been surprisingly exhausting.  Consultation events with 50+ people  are much more difficult to navigate than in person,  seeing my clients online requires a different level of attentiveness which can be taxing and then there was our non-profit fundraiser which had to be reconfigured as an online event. I did not even realize how much stress I was holding until I could let it go.

Letting go meant sleeping more, eating better, relaxing, outdoor activities and most of all, turning the mental processing switch OFF. It was a mindfulness break akin to stepping into paradise.  Add a massage to this and I think my shoulders dropped 3 inches. Try it – you may be surprised how tough the requirements we are living under have been on your body. If you are like me, the early days of limited activity have certainly been replaced with tension.


It was also interesting that with a little more relaxation, there was a sudden shift in priorities. The intensity of political chaos has been so consuming, letting go of that made room to reevaluate my life and what is important. There was the time and space to consider future planning and to let go of the worry about right now.

Have you found yourself inundated by current events and the stress of living in these times? If so, letting go and setting limits on your consumptions of news and social media arguments will open up some time and space to reclaim your life and your priorities. What is important to you – give yourself permission to realign your priorities.

A simple week away from it all provided a surprising recharge to my life. It was needed relief I hadn’t fully known was so important. I was holding myself to standards that were unnecessary and was thus able to reevaluate what was important. My body was carrying stress that I didn’t appreciate until I began to let it go. And with relaxation and stepping away from the chaos of current events, I gained the ability to realign my priorities. Try it yourself and see what happens.

If you would like some support to consider these things in your life, I welcome you to reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching and Counseling services are designed to help you reconsider how life can serve your best interests.  Go to and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I would love to hear from you.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com