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Having just returned from a big concert Lee co-produced in Nashville, it’s on my mind – what happens to your inspiration? I’ve watched him take a simple concept of playing the music of 1971 from an idea to a full-scale production that’s been performed to sold out crowds 4 times in 2 cities. There is something important in this process.

When I look at things I’ve accomplished, I see the same pattern. A single inspired idea prompted me to develop and implement big game-changing systems and services. From starting an assessment center, to creating a state-wide crisis line, to establishing a full risk management system for all KY jails. to helping start a court diversion program, each one started with a flash of insight and inspiration.

Now, I’m focusing on teaching others how to do this. In my upcoming workshop – The Manifestation Master Class, I break down the entire process. It’s coming up on Feb 9th at Centered from 9-5. For more information go here: Manifestation Master Class .

In this article, I want to zero in on why the starting place for your inspiration is important.  Here’s why you need to pay attention to what happens to your inspiration.


Those little thoughts, ideas, sudden flashes, revelations, brain storms are all sparks of your imagination. What do you do with them? Do you store them away, write them down and act on them or do you ignore them and let them evaporate?

What you do with your inspired ideas is important. They are always the leading edge of change! Everything, and I mean every invention, tool, or object, every service, book, or magazine, every piece of art, music, theater, your home, car, phone, electronic gadget, computer all started as someone’s inspired idea. Look around and be amazed at our brilliance, at all we have created. And ask yourself, what inspiration are you holding on to?

Your imagination creates the leading edge of change!


If you haven’t considered how important you are and how important your ideas are, please take a moment and ponder this. You are here for a purpose, you have value. If you have a dream, a thought, an inspiration you have been holding, take it out and examine it.

The only way we evolve and expand our life experience is through the forward motion we create. What are you wanting to put out there – what gift is wanting expression – what aspect of yourself is wanting to be explored?  Know that if you don’t honor your own thoughts, they won’t ever find expression.

Honor your instinctive desire for self-expression – it helps you, everyone around you and our world evolve.


Don’t you love free stuff?  Well, you are fully loaded with all the rich creative material you need to be your own no-cost creative think tank. Your imagination is the necessary starting place for every new thing in your life – give yourself some alone time to think and dream a little personally or professionally.

Take those fleeting fantasies, those inspired flashes and allow them to percolate. All you need is a little quiet time and space to drop down into those thoughts and flesh them out. Don’t censor a thing, let it just flow and follow the river of thought where ever It leads. Trust that there is something important wanting expression.

The more you allow yourself to be an incubator for your own ideas, the more interesting and satisfying your life will be.


When you have something bubbling to the surface, it’s often exciting and you can feel your energy rising inside. Let it take shape in your mind and consider where it wants to go. Give your imagination free rein to see it to Its completion.

This new idea is still tender and fragile – you must be careful where you take it next.  Who will provide support, who will be a catalyst for It to come to life? You don’t want it naysaid and pounced on.  Consider the support you need to make it happen and only let those people in on it.

 To bring your inspiration to life, you need support and collaboration from those you trust.

Isn’t it interesting to consider that everything in life starts as an idea? You have plenty of them, if you give yourself a chance to pause and let them surface. Inspiration needs you to take yourself and your ideas seriously. Nothing happens until you do. Find some time and space to let your inspiration gel until you can fully imagine it.  What you do next is equally important – make sure you share it with people who will support, nurture and celebrate it with you. When you let your ideas thrive – you will thrive.

How does all this sound to you? Would you like to learn more about how to bring your ideas to life? I’m conducting a workshop,  The Manifestation Master Class, on February 9th at Centered in Lexington that will take you through the whole manifestation process. Go here for more information. Manifestation Master Class.

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Photo:  1971 performed at 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville (L to R) Lee Carroll, Dylan Jones, Mark Jones, John Cowan, Jonell Mosser, Michael Mishaw

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com