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We had a wonderful experience over the weekend. We hosted our annual big music party and included a fund raiser for our non-profit. The party, entitled “Celebrate The Creative”, stirred great interest and turned into the largest, most exuberant party we’ve ever had, along with being a successful fund raiser! Let me share what I learned from celebrating the creative.

If you are like me, you have more stuff than you need. What you’re hungry for is the opportunity to learn and grow. For that reason, this party’s fundraiser focused on offering creative experiences and lessons, not things. It provided a chance to explore something new.

The fantastic response prompted me to step back and consider what people were reacting to. So, here’s my observations, what I learned organizing “Celebrate the Creative”.


As a way of introducing this party’s fundraiser, I posted information on each creative person’s talent over several weeks leading up to the event.  It included pictures and a review of the bios of 29 friends who were offering their creative expertise for auction!

The artists offered a wonderful diversity of lessons and experiences. We had Ikebana flower arranging, two different types of yoga, recording electronic music, deep tissue massage, detoxification with essential oils, leadership lessons with horses, energy healing session, recording studio production observation, metaphysical lessons, making prayer flags, environmental portraits, architectural design consultation, lessons on painting, drawing, piano, djembe drumming, mushroom ID and foraging, music for parties and more.

Interesting huh? Yes, and what I didn’t realize until it was happening was my reviews were giving people information about things they’d never heard of or had been curious about and wanted to try. We tend to assume we already know everything we need, until we don’t. This opened new doors for people to explore.

It’s exciting to consider expanding in unexpected ways.


You may think you know your friends, but often there are details in someone’s history that are never discussed. Knowing people socially is not the same as knowing how they express themselves creatively throughout their life work. I was fascinated to learn about my friends’ backgrounds and career histories. I was wowed, in fact, by the impressive richness of their lives!

If I was learning something new about my friends, I knew others were too. I think people were captivated peeking behind the curtain – things aren’t always as they appear, there’s often a lot more substance. I know I was humbled to realize the depth of knowledge and expertise around me.

It helps us be more interested and respectful when we understand the full measure of a person’s life work.


I think providing background information on the creative people who were offering their expertise increased the comfort in trying something new. The inside peek took some of the mystic out of thinking about it.

Understanding the full measure of a person adds value to what they offer. We are more willing to try something when we understand how much a person has invested to get to their level of competence. Marketing people understand this concept well.

Don’t be afraid to put your full self out there for others to understand – it increases your worth.


We’ve been so inundated with negative, chaotic news, it was refreshing to put our attention on something that promotes good will. Highlighting the great work that is being done lifted everyone up. Having a cause that will create more international cross-cultural collaboration give us hope for our future.

When we focus on the positive, we all are transformed. When we engage in learning new things, we become more energized and creative in the process. We’re able to move forward with joy, not fear and dread.

A positive perspective is always the leading edge of change

While this party involved a lot of prep, every detail was important and part of what made it big fun. The concept of Celebrate The Creative – learning and experiencing new things was exciting to consider. Highlighting people’s artistic gifts gave people an inside peek into the diversity of talent we have here. Our friends are impressive – even more than we knew and knowing those details made people comfortable doing something different. And doesn’t everyone love a good time, being part of something positive? Creating collaboration across disciplines, inviting people to experience something new was exciting.

What is your reaction to this? Are you ready to consider what might want to happen in your life – are you ready to try something new? My Transformational Life Coaching is a all about supporting you in that process of exploration. Give yourself the opportunity to explore a little. See my website www.spectrumtransformation for more information and reach out using the Free Consultation button. I’d love to hear from you!

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com