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There was a buzz of excitement as people started recognizing that they really are master manifestators after all. Most of us focus on what we haven’t been able to make happen in our life. It haunts us, makes us feel bad and for some, it defines how we see the course of our life. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In The Manifestation Course I launched last week, I had participants list everything they’ve manifested in their life. The jobs, travel, homes, children, joy, the long-lost parent…the lists were long. Then I had them list what they haven’t manifested. It’s invariably a much shorter list. Why doesn’t it feel that way and what can we do about it?

Let me share my thoughts. Since it is the subject of this class, I’ll only go as far as our first lesson. Next week I’ll add the next installment.


When I asked, what was the most significant manifestation, it was no surprise that the most salient feature of the long lists of successful manifestations were where the ones that were clearly and singularly wanted. There were no contradictory thoughts, only clear and pure intent. This was particularly true even when it didn’t seem possible.

Stories of what seemed to be miraculous occurrences made this point most apparent. Like finding birth parents, 30 + years after adoption, when there seemed to be no recourse for doing so. Like finding a child given up for adoption with the same odds. Like finding love. Like the blessing of having a child.

Isn’t it Interesting that all these stories have such close-to-the-heart significance to people? That’s the feature to pay attention to. When something has strong, clear meaning for you, that clarity of desire reduces all odds. There is no refuting, opposing or ambiguous thought to muddy the waters.

This is the Law of Mentalism in action:

Having a clearly defined thought and the desire to match it starts the manifestation process.


The clear intent for what is desired also had a plethora of supporting thoughts. These are the often-uncommunicated beliefs that bolster a person and give them the drive and determination to keep after their dream, despite the odds against them.

These thoughts go something like this: “I want it, I deserve it, it’ll change my life for the good, nothing is going to stop me from getting it, finding it, having it. I know it is going to happen, I can’t wait for it to happen”. There is no shadow of doubt in this. Even though, many would add, “I don’t have any idea how it’s going to happen, but I won’t stop until it does”. And it did.

In contrast, the list of un-manifested desires had a very different set of thoughts. There were un-supporting thoughts that went something like this: “I say I want it, but can’t get organized, it’ll never happen, just my luck not to get it, I knew it wouldn’t work, it’s the story of my life, maybe I don’t really want it after all, I don’t even know if I have the energy to go after it”. Often the negating thoughts were long and involved tales of feeling undeserving and unworthy. No surprise it didn’t happen.

Clear supporting thoughts provide the impetus to make it happen, un-supportive ones block positive momentum.


Once clear intent is declared in thought and supportive internal dialog, an emotional shift happens inside. You start imagining, experiencing and preparing for it to come into your life. This can be noticed by others. Family, friends and coworkers recognize the lift in mood, energy and excitement that is part of the preparation for its occurrence.

Just as when “you smile, the world smiles with you”, it is hard for others not to notice and support something that so clearly makes you happy. You know it’s good for you and your change in attitude makes everyone agree too.

The opposite is just as dramatic. You are down on yourself for not having what you want, you feel bad, act morose, uncommunicative or unworthy. How do those around you respond? They either try to argue with you or ignore you. Neither of which helps much.

This is the Law of Correspondence in action:

Your feelings and attitude toward what is wanted, positive or negative, influences everyone around you to support or ignore you.


This is where everything comes together. It’s not enough to say you want something to happen. You need to have the idea, the supportive thoughts, the fantasies, the reinforcement from others around you and then…be a mirror for what you say you want.

This is the essence of the Law of Attraction. You can only attract what you energetically match. You want something fabulous to come into your life, you have to support its potential in your thoughts, words, fantasies and your actions. You start organizing yourself around its arrival. Wishful thinking, while a good starting point, is not enough. You have to give off the vibe in all you do that you are ready for it. It doesn’t happen if there are un-supporting thoughts, believes or actions.

This is the Law of Vibration in action:

The principle of “like attracts like” means you are ready for what you want without contradictions.

These principles are the beginning of what’s being reviewed in The Manifestation Course over the next 6 weeks. I’ll provide updates to what we’re learning as we go. It’s an exciting, interesting and deep exploration into the process of creating the life you want.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com