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Don’t you love Spring – all of nature is showing us what’s involved in starting something new. From the buds coming up, to the blooms and new leaves on trees and bushes, we are surrounded with the reminder of the fresh and exciting process of new growth.

I’m surrounded by it myself in many ways. Lee and I are starting a non-profit, a friend is moving to a new home, my step-son is starting a new job, my husband has started a new band. The list goes on.

It’s made me think about the critical components of starting something new. The more we pay attention to these simple details, the more likely we will be successful with the launch.


The desire for something new usually starts with an internal urge, whether it’s a quiet voice that longs for something different, a roar of insistence that something change or a creative impulse that floats in. There is an initial intention that starts the process.

These urges are “intuitive hits” that prompt us to move forward. Learning to pay attention to their subtle messages keeps us fresh and in the flow of life. When we deny that internal urge of intention, we create resistance that can result in suffering.

Learn to listen and understand the many voices and signs that urge us to take new action.


As we contemplate a new start, the energy of the idea focuses our attention on the corresponding pieces that are needed. Who are the similar, like minded people and what components will enable you to bring what you want to life?

This is the Law of Correspondence and Vibration in action that brings the congruent components to you. It can seem miraculous when whole new worlds are revealed to show you what is needed to bring your idea to life.

The energy of your new intention is like a search beacon that draws in congruent people and information.


The more open we are to this process of paying attention to our desires and searching for the congruent components, the more our network expands. It’s stunning to discover the expertise or people that you need or want are near you, waiting to be tapped.

I often get an image in meditation of a web of interconnected lines with bright lights at their juncture. It’s a signal to me that the people or information I’m seeking are close by, soon to be connected to me simply through the process of networking.

Lee and I have been amazed at how our world is opening up and expanding to include the right people and information for our non-profit. It is a clear example of how our energetic shift created by the desire of something new brings in the resources to help make it happen.

The organic networking that happens when you are starting something new is like a red carpet rolling out in front of you – you just follow it.


The excitement of new ideas, people, and information begins to create the structure of implementation. Then comes the planning, organizing and action that support your idea. Without this, nothing will happen; it will die on the vine.

When the urge and new intention is a good match for who you are, this phase will come easily and with the same excitement as the initial impulse. Just as you have listened to the instinctive urge to start something new, the implementation process has an instinctive component too. You must trust that the right assistance for the implementation phase is readily available in your network. You simply ask and stay open to what comes in.

Trust that the process of implementation will reveal the support you need to bring it to completion.

Is Spring bringing you a new rise in energy to start something new? Consider those intuitive urges and trust their truth. Look for the congruence of serendipitous connections that bring in the right people and information. Trust that through networking, all the pieces that are required for what you seek will be revealed to you. And know that the implementation process can flow easily when you stay open to its potential. The energy of starting something new can make the process effortless when you trust it’s organic unfolding.

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com