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Oh my gosh, I’ve been so busy, my abundant life is feeling like a runaway train. Judging from what I’ve been hearing from friends and clients, I’m not alone with this experience.  This is a time of fast energy and lots of people are feeling frazzled. I’ve taken some time to regroup and get perspective.

Lee and I have been juggling more balls simultaneously than I can remember. In less than a month, we’ve hosted or been involved with four different big events and have three more equally big things coming up. The incoming and outgoing are flowing fast and hard.

Meditation immediately put all this in perspective. It’s ABUNDANCE! The more I can appreciate that, the more flowing out will feel like the generosity of good will and the flowing in will feel like the gift it is. I can deeply appreciate the equal matching of these two energies. Here are some thoughts on this.


Lee and I consistently keep ourselves booked with our individual work and engagements we do together. We have hosted several big events with many people coming from all directions and lots of activity. We have more coming up soon. They take a great deal of planning, coordination and organization.

When we started making mistakes, like booking airline tickets on the wrong date,  we knew we were in overload. Deep breath. I remind myself – this is abundance going out – it’s all good. It’ll come back.  Relax into it and deeply appreciate the ability to create and manage. We asked for this and now it’s here.

Notice how your work output serves a higher purpose and appreciate how it is the starting point for your cycle of abundance.


I remind myself to pay attention to the response to our output of energy. The events we’ve hosted have generated tremendous positivity and joy along with building anticipation for the ones coming soon.  I know to cherish this like a beautiful gift. I see the results of my work with clients and feel the same.

Recognizing the impact of your work is how you experience the flow of abundance in. Give yourself a moment to appreciate what you have created. This  is the satisfaction that we often lose sight of in the myriad of details that must be managed.

Allow yourself to slow down so you can see the results of your work and know this is the evidence of abundance flowing in.


Being super busy is a mind set as much as a lifestyle of action. When your mind is full of detailed lists and prioritized timetables, it’s easy to get lost in the minutia and lose site of the bigger picture. That’s when the train starts feeling like it’s running on its own and you are hanging on for dear life. Before it derails, stop and find the bigger picture and the gratitude that goes with seeing your flow of abundance.

Recognizing your purpose  and why you’re busy helps you appreciate the process. It gives you a sense of gratitude for your life’s abundance. You are part of something much greater that serves both you and many others.

Give thanks for your role in creating the flow of abundance in your life and others.


What are the signs that your life is like a runaway train? Do you have so much to do that you are moving all the time just to keep up. Maybe there’s some anxiety and sense of being overwhelmed, some restlessness, feelings of dread, maybe even some avoidance? If you’re so busy you feel like your train could jump the tracks, it’s time to reprioritizing and find balance.

Finding and keeping balance is the best way to appreciate the flow of abundance in your life. It means allowing yourself to slow down so you can think, plan, eat healthy, get exercise and have diversity in your activity. Having rebalanced myself, I can say it reduces the tendency to drive yourself so hard that you lose sight of your higher purpose.

Balance your activity with healthy self-care so you can appreciate and manage your life without it feeling like a runaway train. 

Recognizing that I am super busy and dropping some balls helped me recognize what I need to do to keep my life from feeling like a runaway train. First was re-framing everything as the flow of abundance. When I could see the stream of activity out as part of my higher purpose, I was also able to see the current of abundance flowing back in through others response. It’s a beautiful perspective that leads to a greater sense of gratitude for all that we are creating.  Finding more balance in my lifestyle is now helping me maintain this flow of abundance.

How do you feel about the flow of activity in your life? Is it too fast, just right or moving slower than you want? If you’d like to make adjustments, my Transformational Life Coaching and Therapy is designed to help you determine how to align it with your greatest good. Reach out at and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I’d love to explore this with you!

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Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com