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I had an epiphany while feeling scattered and pulled in many directions. I realized that where I put my attention and time is where I get results. That may seem obvious, but I expect most of you, like me, don’t always notice the impact of juggling several balls.  It’s only when they start to drop that you recognize something needs to give.

I’ve always had a lot going on –  a main job and other things on the side. Now is no exception. I have my coaching/therapy practice with workshops and writing, I consult for a diversion court every week, do consultation and training around the country and I’ve started a non-profit with my husband. Right now, everything needs attention and planning for the new year.  Yikes

I teach this so I’m very aware of how I’m setting myself up. That’s why it hit me so hard. I realized I need to get very, very clear about my priorities. In fact, this is exactly what I’m  teaching in my Feb 9th workshop “The Manifestation Master Class”. For more information go here: Manifestation Master Class

If you want to bring something fabulous into your life, you must pay attention to how you line everything up to make it happen. Here’s what I mean by that and why paying attention to where your put your attention and time is so important.

Your Attention is an Energetic Magnet

Your thoughts and the focus of your attention has an energetic signature. Its vibration relates to the intensity of what you are thinking and the amount of time you spend concentrating  on it. This is the Law of Attraction in operation

When you are clearly absorbed and attentive to something you want and devote a good amount of time to it, you create a clear, undisturbed channel of energy toward obtaining it. If the thoughts are positive, without contradictions or restrictions, you become a magnet to bring it to you.

Clear, focused attention on one subject over time builds energy to draw what you want to you.

What Happens When You Like Lots Of Things?

 When you’re interested in many things at once, the time + attention = results  equation instantly changes.  Your thoughts are divided across multiple projects or ideas at once, thus reducing the amount of time you are devoting yourself to any one thing. The end results thus are automatically reduced.

If you have ever called yourself a procrastinator, you probably know what this is like. Not following through with things because something else caught your attention is guaranteed to give you limited results. The more things you move between, the more likely the results on any of them will not be your best. The equation looks something  like this (– attention) + (-time) = (-results)

When your attention is divided, and time subtracted, the results will be compromised.

Clarify Your Priorities

The questions you have to ask yourself are what are your priorities and how important are they do you? Are you clear about what they are? If not, give it some thought – clarify and rank order what is most significant to what is least.

Because your attention creates energy that gives you results, the best gift you can give yourself is to be clear on what is most important. Rather than feeling like you are constantly putting out fires, be deliberate about what is important and say no to disruptions.

It’s a decision and a practice to make sure your attention and time is devoted to what is most important

Line Up Your Attention + Time With Your Priorities

When you give the most important things more attention and time, you will  clarify and ensure that they flourish. Likewise, the things with the least attention and time will be put on the backburner. The more intentional you are with this, the more you are controlling your outcome.

If you want to manifest something important, the Law of Attraction will help you, but it does not magically happen. You must have the discipline to allocate the appropriate attention and time to make it happen.

It’s not magic, it’s science – the more disciplined you are focusing on what you want, the more likely it will happen.

Your thoughts and the amount of time you spend on a given subject determines the outcome. This is both the Law of Mentalism, (your thoughts) and the Law of Attraction (time + focus) operating together that give you results. When you are juggling too much, something eventually falls to the side. Therefore, it’s important to  clarify your priorities. When your priorities are the focus of your disciplined attention and time, you will be able to ensure that the results are what you expect.

Are you interested in learning more about how to apply these principles to all aspects of your life? My Manifestation Master Class breaks it down, so you can become a clear conduit to create the life you want. Check out the details for the February 9th class at Centered here:   Manifestation Master Class .                        There are CEUs for Social Work and Massage Therapists pending too!

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*The photo is a painting by Blake Eames – her gorgeous work can be found on Instagram at blakeeamesdesign and Facebook at blake snyder eames.

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com