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I just had an exhilarating week recognizing the importance of friendship patterns! Our interconnected network of friends helped create something very special. We had Cuban musician friends, their friends, and our friends all come together for a big performance. It sold out early and was a tremendous success.

What I realized, despite what you hear about the prevalence of social isolation, divisiveness and alienation, is there’s plenty of evidence that your friendship patterns can enhance the way things transpire in your life. Friendship is your most important resource.

Let me review what I mean by that and  how the ancient Laws of Correspondence and Vibration help us understand the importance of friendship connections and the expansion they create in our life.


We choose our friends and they are usually a reflection of what we think and believe. They may have skills and attributes that are different, but most often they are someone you admire and love. As I make new friends, I am aware of what I appreciate about them. I know they will be an extension of me.

One of Lee’s very talented young musician friends in NYC, who he has worked with for years, introduced us to Cuban musicians, Xiomara and Axel Laugart. We’ve had them stay at our home, set up concerts for them and now we’ve become extended family. More importantly, I realized they are a source of the creative expansion in our life. Your friends help you grow.

Through friends you understand yourself better – what you admire and what you are attracting.   


There is a fundamental trust inherent in friendships. There’s trust in sharing, responsiveness, opinions, reactions, and accountability to each other. Being able to trust a friend’s responsiveness and judgment is paramount. I may not see situations completely the same but knowing that I can count on them and learn from them becomes a valuable quality.

In the events this week, I watched long term friendship being woven together to create a beautiful intricate pattern that resulted in our successful event. Our Lexington friends helped host musicians in their homes, conducted an NPR interview, helped market it online, loaned priceless instruments, set up the venue, the catering, brought in the Chamber Orchestra string quartet to play, provided financial support and sponsorships. It couldn’t have happened without them.

Trusted friends can offer an amazing array of assistance and love to make you a success.


It happens so naturally that most of us are not fully aware of how our friends expand our world through their ideas and connections to others. This is the ancient Law of Correspondence and Vibration in operation. We’re all interconnected, and we are all energy. It’s a matter of learning to follow the flow, stay in the current and ride it.

Involved in our event were numerous internationally acclaimed musicians who travel the world performing. They were fascinating. Each one has something different to offer. Attending the event were people from other cultures as well. They offered new ideas, new people to meet and new perspectives on what we are doing with our non-profit, bringing international artists in for cultural exchange.

Each person we met offered new opportunities for expansion on some level.  


What’s most exciting is when you follow the flow of your own interests, connecting to people you have things in common with and whom you admire, you become an energetic magnet easily entering their world. This is how your world expands and how doors that you didn’t even realize were there suddenly start to open. There is literally endless potential for personal expansion when you follow the thread of interconnectivity in your network of friends.

Through the new and old friends involved in this event, we now have new opportunities at home, in Cuba, Columbia, Europe and potentially Asia. It depends on how we want to follow the thread of expansion in this broadening interconnected web. As the full potential unfolds before us, I recognize how choice is always personal and deliberate. It helps me understand the important role friends play in our expansion and how we can direct the growth in our life.

Be clear on your intentions because the Laws of Correspondence and Vibration create the connections and the attraction to make anything you want possible.

If you step back and examine the impact of friendship patterns in your life, I’d dare say you’ll notice patterns like this as well. Your friends reflect your values and beliefs, they are trusted, and that trust opens doors for things to easily happen. They help expand your life with new ideas and relationships, all of which expands your network and new opportunities. The Laws of Correspondence and Vibration help explain this dynamic because ultimately, we are all interconnected as we find our energetic match.

How is this working for you? Would you like to understand it better or improve your ability to expand your network of friends? My Transformational Coaching and Counseling is designed to offer that guidance. See my website www.spectrumtransformation.com for more information and reach out using my Free Consultation link. I’d love to explore this with you!

Written by Connie Milligan, LCSW
If there is anything I’ve expressed that speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at my email, connie [at] conniemilligan [dot] com